Apple Magic Keyboard 2 for Gaming

Fri 08 Sep 2017, 23:09

A while back I told you that the Apple Magic Keyboard 2 works with Windows over USB.

Then Stammy, a fellow I follow on Twitter, posted his setup and I noticed he is using a Windows PC, with this keyboard, wirelessly. So I decided to try it over Bluetooth, with the Belkin USB dongle I had lying around, and indeed it works.

The reason I care about this, is because I am incredibly jealous of Stammy's setup, and many others. I love these super clean, minimalistic computer setups. Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever reach that state, because of all the stuff I need in order to capture gameplay from consoles, and just my general sloppiness of putting stuff wherever there is free room for it.

Anyway, getting a good wireless keyboard is a good start to this. And I love the Apple Magic Keyboard 2, atleast aesthetically, so I wanna tell you how it is for gaming.

As far as I can tell, and I have tried, there is no difference between using it over Bluetooth or over USB. It has the same pros and cons.

It actually works pretty damn good in general As far as I can tell, there is no delay or anything. I tried playing the rhythm game osu! and I had no problem with timing. I also used this website and messed around in it with this keyboard, both wired and wirelessly, and a wired mechanical keyboard, and the results were identical. The mechanical keyboard was 5 ms better (7 ms lowest, compared to 12 ms on the Apple keyboard) but I'm not even sure if that was latency, or just Cherry MX "bouncing" back faster. Whatever, the keyboard does not have a noticable delay, is what I am getting at.

Unfortunately, where this keyboard fails, is my simple "donut test". This is the second keyboard I have that fails this test (the other keyboard being the infamous IBM Model M).

My so called donut test, is simply trying to do a donut in any GTA game, by holding down W (forward), S (reverse) and either A or D (left/right). If you get a donut, your keyboard has better than 2 key roll over (2KRO). If your car just stands still, burning out your tires, your keyboard cannot do 2KRO, and it has failed the donut test.

This is a bit unfortunate, as I had even started looking for wireless gaming mice and wireless headphones for my PC, but oh well...

Maybe someday I'll have a clean desk. Need to start using one monitor first.