Does the Apple Magic Keyboard 2 work with a PC over USB?

Tue 04 Jul 2017, 16:37

Yes, it does. It also works over Bluetooth if you want.

*Do I need Bluetooth? * No, you don't. Just connect it with a regular Lightning/USB cable.

Does it work with Windows 101? Yes, it does. Plug n play. However, Media keys won't work and you don't have a Delete key, but you can solve that with something like Autohotkey.

*Does it work inside macOS on a Hackintosh? * Yes, it does.

Does it work in the BIOS/UEFI? Yes, at least for me and my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3). The function keys work as normal F1-F12 keys, without needing to hold down FN.

*Does it work with Clover boot loader? *Yes, it does.

*What if I wanna connect it to my iPad/iPhone over Bluetooth again? *Then just unplug the USB/Lightning and hit any button on the keyboard to make it connect over Bluetooth to its last paired device.

*I'm done typing on my iPad/iPhone, what if I wanna connect it to my PC again? *Then just plug in the USB/Lightning cable again.

It just works.

These tests are done with the keyboard that has the model number MLA22S/A (Swedish/Nordic layout). I'm guessing the very new model, with a numpad, works just the same.

1 I haven't tested with other versions of Windows. I would guess it works with 7 and up.