Sun 01 Dec 2019, 20:39

I cannot believe they left it like this.


Sun 01 Dec 2019, 16:24

I replayed HL2 this weekend, in preparation for Alyx, and figured I should go through the episodes too since I haven't before.

8700K to 3900X

Fri 29 Nov 2019, 22:48

I finally caved and bought Ryzen 3000. Why?

Jedi Fallen Order

Sun 24 Nov 2019, 17:11

Here's a game, that on paper, should be the best game ever.

Original Windows XP 64-bit Wallpaper Download Link

Sat 26 Oct 2019, 23:23

Here's the original Windows XP 64-bit wallpaper .bmp from a Windows XP Professional 64-bit Corporate Edition VM.

OnePlus 7T Pro First Impressions

Fri 18 Oct 2019, 22:30

I got the phone yesterday, the 17th (release date), so here's my quick impressions:

the little things

Sat 12 Oct 2019, 22:59

I mentioned alot of things I liked about Android in my initial post about it, I Switched to Android, so I'm gonna try to not repeat them here (although some will because they're just so damn good).

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sat 21 Sep 2019, 17:14

I feel like it's a trend nowadays to make artistic games. Games like Journey and Firewatch. It's more about "feeling" the game. It's a neat genre.

Windows XP Blues

Fri 23 Aug 2019, 18:58

I got a hankering for the blues used in Windows XP. The blank dark blue which was the wallpaper if you had the XP Luna theme but no wallpaper, and the title bars.

The Louqe Ghost S1 Build

Mon 29 Jul 2019, 20:12

Not very long ago I wrote how I moved to a mini ITX case. Now I am back to talk about the same subject because I moved into an even smaller case.