Game Beaten: Astro's Playroom (PS5)

Sat 05 Dec 2020, 18:18

What a treat. Just delightful. There needs to be more games like this.

MacBook Air M1 Thoughts

Tue 01 Dec 2020, 01:46

When Apple first showed their M1 computers, I wasn't too impressed. They seemed fine and they were better but they didn't seem that much better.

Apple or Google? Why Not Both?

Fri 06 Nov 2020, 19:54

I've been nutting around with iCloud and my Google services recently. It started because I tried using an Android phone again for a day but ultimately decided never to try that again. Everything just felt... wrong.

Thoughts on iPhone 12 Event

Tue 13 Oct 2020, 20:45

The Apple Event just finished and I am left somewhat... indifferent.

Thoughts on Computers

Sun 04 Oct 2020, 00:33

I'm kinda tired of computers. I dread using my gaming PC. I mean it works fine, its really fast, good, very quiet and it runs cool, but I just hate using it. Windows is so freaking boring to me.

Game Beaten: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PS1)

Tue 29 Sep 2020, 19:43

I know I said in my review for 1+2 that I didn't see any reason for why anyone would go back and play the originals when the remake exists, but here I am.

Game Beaten: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 (PS4)

Sat 05 Sep 2020, 13:55

You know when you hear a game you love is getting a remaster or a remake and you get excited? And then the remake releases and you realize they fucked up? THPS 1+2 is that, but they didn't fuck up.

Back to the Future 3 Movie and Sega Genesis Game References

Mon 31 Aug 2020, 20:34

I made these back in May but haven't really organized them anywhere.

Game Beaten: Parasite Eve

Sun 16 Aug 2020, 19:01

Not sure how much I have to say about this game. I ran into it because I watched some random video on YouTube called 7 Short JRPGs Worth Your Time! and it seemed neat.

Game Beaten: Final Fantasy IX

Fri 31 Jul 2020, 13:28

The peak of video games.

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