A Few Months in with the PS5

Thu 25 Mar 2021, 21:29

Can you believe the PS5 has already been out for a couple months? Like 5 months or so I'm counting.

Game Beaten: Bowser's Fury (Switch)

Sat 13 Feb 2021, 15:28

Wasn't even really planning on getting Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury for the Switch but when I heard Bowser's Fury was like a complete open-world Mario game, I got excited and so I got it.

Cyberpunk 1.00 Differences

Wed 10 Feb 2021, 16:56

Here's what I've been working on the past couple of days after I played some more 1.00 and noticed a ton of little differences after having beaten the patched versions a couple of times.

Game Beaten: Perfect Dark (N64)

Sun 07 Feb 2021, 21:33

Have had this game on my "beat before I die" for a while so decided to get it outta there this weekend.

More Thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077

Mon 04 Jan 2021, 20:47

Happy new year everyone. All I've done since last time is just play more 2077. Here are some more thoughts I've gathered. I need to dump them somewhere because my brain is just swarming with them and I don't have a podcast.

Movies I Watched in 2020

Wed 30 Dec 2020, 19:50

No frames from movies this year because frankly, it's a lot more extra work to find an interesting frame and take a screenshot and label it properly.

Game Beaten: Cyberpunk 2077 (PS5 BC)

Sat 26 Dec 2020, 12:51

At the very end I will have a chapter for my thoughts on the story. You will easily be able to quit reading before then. So you should be spoiler safe.

Game Beaten: Astro's Playroom (PS5)

Sat 05 Dec 2020, 18:18

What a treat. Just delightful. There needs to be more games like this.

MacBook Air M1 Thoughts

Tue 01 Dec 2020, 01:46

When Apple first showed their M1 computers, I wasn't too impressed. They seemed fine and they were better but they didn't seem that much better.

Apple or Google? Why Not Both?

Fri 06 Nov 2020, 19:54

I've been nutting around with iCloud and my Google services recently. It started because I tried using an Android phone again for a day but ultimately decided never to try that again. Everything just felt... wrong.

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