FF7 Rebirth (aka Remake Part 2)

Tue 09 Apr 2024, 19:58

I'm a bit torn on this game.

On one hand, it's incredible, and my GOTY probably. During the first couple 10-20 hours there were moments that made me cry of joy... the music, the visuals, the areas, the nostalgia, the fan service, the story, the emotions...

I really felt like this was the ultimate payoff for being a fan of FF7. It was just incredibly good and made me sense extra joy I rarely feel.

Then I had to learn some card game... then I had to listen to Chadley... then I had to sneak up to a Chocobo again... then I had to race Chocobos... then I had to play a bunch of Fort Condor... then I had to play some stupid 3D Brawler minigame that I had to pause buffer and compare screenshots to online to figure otu what button to press... then I had to bounce around on a bunch of mushrooms in Gongaga... and then I had to listen to Chadley every 2 minutes... ugh.

There's just so many dumb minigames in this game. They made me tear my hair out.

The "actual game" I vote 10/10. I loved it.

But the minigames and Chadley, they're just... ugh...

The performance/graphics are a mess too. I feel like the original Remake ran and looked better? Rebirth has big framerate drops at times and looks blurry like a Switch game when playing in Performance mode (which I obviously did because the 30 FPS mode feels terrible)

Having said all that, I still sunk 100+ hours into my save file, which I rarely do with any game, let alone a single save file, so that should tell you how much I liked this game.

If you like the original FF7 and liked part 1 of the remake, you'll probably love it too.

The minigames aren't criminally bad but... they're just... too much. Playing one of them here and there, that's fine, but having to do a bunch of them... ugh.

I would like to go for the platinum trophy on this one but I don't think I have it in me. I feel burned out. Maybe I'll take a break and come back to it later.