Spider-Man 2 (PS5)

Wed 08 Nov 2023, 22:21

Haven't done one of these posts in a while. Not sure why. I've been playing a bunch of games, albeit most of them have been games I already played before. But today I have a brand spanking new game that was awesome that I want to talk about (and have somewhere to dump all the gorgeous screenshots.)

I wasn't really planning on getting this game. I figured I would wait until it was on sale or showed up on Steam (like other Playstation games does nowadays), since I haven't really been into the PS5 lately and I was swamped with other games and personal life. I also hadn't been following the game leading up to its release, like at all. I knew it was coming, but hadn't looked at a trailer or anything.

But then the reviews came and I was sold. So the next time I was driving by the store I swung in and picked up a copy. And I'm glad I did because this game is awesome.


At first I wasn't that into it. It was like, "eh, this is more of the previous games", which was totally fine because I really like the previous games, but I wasn't super into it. But I kept playing it and eventually I was hooked.

Visually the game is insane. You zoom through the city at incredible speeds sometimes. It's really nice to finally see the PS5 get to shine. I played it with both the Fidelity and Performance presets and I couldn't tell much of a difference in visual quality. Both modes played and looked stunning on my LG OLED.

The first half just felt like a repetition of the first games but this game goes into quite a different direction around the midway point, and I really liked it. I wish I could explain what happens but it is heavy spoiler territory so I won't.

Or actually, I will, but it will be at the end after all the screenshots. So if you don't wanna be spoiled you can just stop reading after the screenshot dump.


This game has a lot of bugs. Well... A lot of bugs for being a Insomniac game. It's not Cyberpunk 1.00 or anything, but you don't really expect bugs in Insomniac games because their track record has been pretty much spotless... as far as I know anyway.

But this game had a bunch of them. I've experienced:

Crash Glitch Invisible Smoke Stuck

These are pretty minor things overall, but still, its disappointing to see in an Insomniac game. I hope this was just a one time fluke and this is not their new standard.

Final Thoughts

I don't really have much else I can say. I would love to talk about how awesome the second half of the game is but I don't wanna spoil anything so I can't. I'll just leave you with a bunch of screenshots instead.

If you have a PS5 and loved the previous Spider-Man games, go get this one too. You'll love it too. I know I've seen a bunch of reviewers complain about repetitive combat, and yeah, it does get kind of repetitive but I didn't really mind it. I like the combat in this game so I don't mind doing it over and over.

This game also made me super excited for the Wolverine game. I was already hyped for that game but I am even more hyped now.

It was also nice to play a Playstation exclusive again. They always deliver. It was also nice to play on console instead of PC. Since my working days is spent in front of a computer, its kind of nice to play games on the couch on a console. Decoupling things.

And yeah, I got all of the trophies. As is typical with Insomniac games, it's not a hard platinum.


Screenshot Dump

Maybe you'll find your next wallpaper in here. I'll try to keep them spoiler free but if you are extra sensitive, keep away.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


Playing as a deaf person

There is a sequence where you play as Hailey, who is deaf... and this was one of the coolest things ever.

First of, they mute the audio so you hear practically nothing out of your TV (if you have seen the TV Show Only Murders in the Building you'll know what this is like.)

Secondly, they amp up the vibrations in the PS5 controller so you feel the footsteps more.

Thirdly, instead of having the character talk to you like most characters in games do to convey what they are thinking, they used emotes. I just thought this was so freaking cool. I loved it.

Cat Scary

Playing as Venom

Holy. Shit.

This was fucking awesome.

Like, I wish the whole game was like this part of the game. It was just so fun, and is why I got more hyped for the Wolverine game because I think it will be a little similar to this section of the game. And it was just so insane to see all the stuff smash into pieces. Truly a next-gen experience it felt like. I had a smile on my face through the whole sequence and was sad when it was over.

Venom Venom2