Movies I Watched in 2021

Fri 31 Dec 2021, 23:05

I watched very few movies this year. I pretty much only watch YouTube nowadays if I am watching anything.

But, here are the few actual movies I watched:


John Wick (2014)

Being on a Cyberpunk 2077 kick, I figured I should watch some movies that are loosely related. This movie had Keanu Reeves so that's close enough.

It was very entertaining anyway. Very bloody and fun to watch. It starts off kinda nice and wholesome so I was kinda surprised what a turn it took.

⭐ 8/10 🗓️ February 27

Black Widow (2021)

Black Widow was always my favorite MCU hero so I was kinda looking forward to this movie. Wasn't disappointed by it but it was not at all what I was expecting, but it was fine. First 60% was very mediocre but the last 40% was more of what I wanted.

⭐ 6/10 🗓️ July 10

(Rewatch) The Matrix (1999)

Because a new movie is coming, I actually sat through and watched all of it this time, but it didn't change my opinion of it much. I still found it pretty boring.

⭐ 6/10 🗓️ September 10

Matrix Reloaded (2003)

Actually found this one to be more entertaining in some ways, but I also found it to be terrible in some ways (like that sex scene in the beginning seemed really unnecessary).

⭐ 6/10 🗓️ September 17

The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

Probably my favorite of the three.

⭐ 7/10 🗓️ September 18

The Many Saints of Newark (2021)

Good, but could've been better. Really good actors, especially young Livia, she was perfect. Young Tony was also good, sweet that he was played by Michael Gandolfini. Young(er) Paulie and Sil was played hillariously, like a parody of them almost, I laughed a lot.

As for the story it was fine. Some things were kinda shoehorned in, like Carmela's appearance, she was really shoehorned in.

Overall, I enjoyed it very much (I watched it for 2 hours straight without a single pause)

⭐ 8/10 🗓️ October 1

Casino (1995)

It had its moments, always fun to see Joe Pesci screaming or beating the ** out of someone.

Didn't really get into it much though. Story was kinda meh.

⭐ 6/10 🗓️ October 2

Finally, I started watching Matrix 4, got about an hour in and then fell asleep because it was so boring.

Happy new year.