Game Beaten: Resident Evil 3 Remake [Updated]

Sun 10 Oct 2021, 21:42

Had this one on my radar for quite some time since I liked the RE2 Remake. This was one was... very mediocre.

I mean it's not bad or anything. It has nice graphics, nice controls, nice art design, music, mood, voice acting, everything. The story and characters were just so bland and uninteresting. Like, I usually really like female protagonists but I just felt absolutely nothing for Jill.

Have not played the originally (just like I havent played the original RE2 either), so I'm probably gonna check out a playthrough of that now to see what creative liberties they took.

Overall, a good game to play on a Sunday so you can feel like you've accomplished something. It's not long. If you can sit down and focus for 4-6 hours you'll get through it. Game really is made to be played through multiple times though as there are trophies for completing it with S rank and not taking damage etc... I don't think I will bother with any of that.




Ugh, I hate that I got the R2 prompt on there. If only I had taken the screenshot 1 second earlier...

Update: 6 days later...

Well, I just got the platinum trophy:


So what happened?

Well, basically, after beating it and writing this post originally, I went to bed and while trying to fall asleep I started to wonder if I remembered in what order you did everything. Then the next day, I decided to play it again and see if I did remember, and it turns out I kinda did, and before I knew it I had completed the game again. S rank on Assisted.

Alright, so I figured I should do another run now that I really know what to do everywhere, and so I did and so I did a little better.

Then I decided I should do a run on Standard difficulty, and I did, and it was much harder in some places, but overall not bad.

Then I decided to check the trophy guide on PowerPyx to see if they have any tips for Hardcore difficulty and that was when I found out you can use the in-game shop and its "cheats".


After having struggled hard with the Standard difficulty I figured there was no way I was ever gonna do Hardcore... not to mention Nightmare and Inferno. Mostly because you would probably have to conserve your ammo and health a lot which I am terrible at, I just wanna go out blasting, which is why these cheats were perfect for me because guess what one of the cheats are?

Infinite Rocket Launcher.

Heck yeah, you just go around blowing everything up. At first I thought that sounded kinda stupid and would be lame to play, but no it was actually incredibly fun. And maybe more fun than playing the game the intended way even.

So anyway, I just used that and after a couple of playthroughs and a collect-a-thon, I now have the platinum trophy for it, even though I said I wouldn't bother with it. And I still stand by what I said originally. The story and characters are really bland, but the gameplay is very fun when you're trying to go fast, it's like an arcade game almost. It scratches the same itch for me that Contra (NES) does, it's just fun to do a run through.

Only really horrible thing about the game I can say now is the final boss on Nightmare and Inferno difficulties. Boy do they suck. It's basically a lottery because you will die in 3 hits, and it has this attack where it will continually hit you 3 times, so if you get caught in that you're screwed. So you basically just gotta come up with a strategy you're comfortable with and then just grind attempts until you eventually get it.

Funnily enough, for me, it took about an hour of attempts on Nightmare difficulty to do it. On Inferno it took maybe 10 minutes? I guess I got blessed by the lottery.

But yes, overall, still, I think the story and the characters are incredibly bland and uninteresting, but the gameplay is fun and going for the platinum is a fun little project. I'd recommend it, just try to not get upset on the final boss on Nightmare and Inferno difficulties, you will get it eventually.