Game Beaten: Persona 5 Royal

Sat 24 Apr 2021, 20:22

Boy, how the hell do I do this game justice with my writing? I don't think I can. I also feel like it's better to read as little as possible about the game beforehand because the more surprises you get to experience, the better it is.

But there is that one huge caveat hanging over this game: it's long. If you go on you'll see that it's atleast 100 hours long. This was my biggest hickup about the game before I started playing it. I tend to not keep my interest very long, so I felt no hope that I could go through a 100+ hour game.

And having now completed the game, my stance is: the game could be longer.

Yes, I never thought I would say this: I wish this game was longer. I didn't want it to end.

The first 4-5 hours felt kinda slow and I was really doubting I could go through with it, but somewhere past there it really picked up and I was hooked.

The combat is incredibly fun with its baton pass, weakness and technical system. The music is very odd but suits well.


The story starts off innocent enough but gets very deep and gets you hooked. You'll love all the characters. I love Morgana so much I wanna get a cat again. I cried a lot, which I rarely do. It's really beautiful. And funny too, so you're not just crying, I laughed a lot too.

The music is incredible. If I have to pick 3 favorites:

But really, all of them are good, except this one.

The graphics aren't technically impressive and some textures look really blurry (it's a PS3 game actually) but it looks really good anyway because the art style is perfect. Every menu is so stylish.

The game has a very relaxed vibe to it so it doesn't feel like you're under pressure while playing it. You can relax and pretend you're in Tokyo. And when you get tired off that you can go into Mementos or a Palace and play a really good RPG. And when you get tired off that you can go back to playing Tokyo Student Life Simulator.


I loved the darts minigame. I could have an entire game of just that.

I think that mix of actual RPG and life simulator is why the game is so addicting. Personally, I found myself liking the life simulator bits more, but sometimes I got tired of that and was happy to go slay a lot of monsters and level up my stuff.

I have a lot more I could say but there's no way I'm gonna do it justice so I might as well quit here, and as I said, the less you know the better. If you wanna play the game I recommend reading how to get the true ending though so you get the full Royal experience (it's nothing difficult, just need to become good friends with some people).

But yeah. 10/10. Goes in my Top 10 of All Time for sure. Probably my new favorite RPG. Probably my favorite PS4 (and PS3) game.

I'll probably replay it someday. I kinda wanna do it right now but I need to cool down a little so I don't burn out. I also plan on playing Persona 4 Golden eventually. I got the PSTV for it.

In the interest of avoiding spoilers and ruining things, I didn't include many screenshots. I took a ton of them though, and looking back at them I get so many fond memories.