macOS on AMD?!? (Ryzen 3900X Hackintosh Build)

Sat 01 Feb 2020, 15:00

What a time to be alive. I never thought it would be possible to run macOS on an AMD based system, but here we are.


And perhaps more surprisingly, is that I think this was my smoothest Hackintosh ever. Once I got everything set up exactly, according to this guide, and I got the setup booted everything was smooth!

I did have a problem getting ethernet to work. Turns out I was using the wrong SmallTreeIntel82576.kext. I downloaded the one linked in the guide and then it worked.


What Works

What Doesn't Work (that I've noticed)



Here's my Geekbench: Geekbench

On single core, it currently tops the Mac charts, where the top was the 2019 27-inch iMac with the 9900K, scoring 1248 points.

On multi-core it comes in right around the 12-core 2019 Mac Pro (11683 points, so it's margin of error).


In Cinebench R20, I get about the same score I got in Windows, 6800 points. It's good. Cinebench

Snazzy Labs

Snazzy Labs video was what inspired me to finally buy a RX 570. I recommend his video to give you an general idea of what you are expected to do. It is mostly correct, but it glosses over many of the individual changes you need to make to your config.plist.

So my recommendation is to first watch the video to see if this is something you wanna get into, and then once you decide to actually do it, read the guide very carefully.

(Also, the SmallTreeIntel kext he links to was the one that didn't work for me.)


So will I keep running this system?

Yeah, I will. For now. Right now I have this PC as a dedicated Mac, and another PC dedicated for gaming. It's kinda nice to have 2 rigs, albeit messy.

Update 2020-02-02: Confirmed iMessage works
Update 2020-02-04: Fixed the NVME drive showing up as external