Sun 01 Dec 2019, 16:24

I replayed HL2 this weekend, in preparation for Alyx, and figured I should go through the episodes too since I haven't before.


I know how EP2 ends but I never played the episodes myself. I remember seeing my friend going through them many years ago on Xbox 360 for some achievements, including the one where you have to take a gnome through the entirety of EP2.

Anyway, EP1 was fine. I liked it for the most part. Fun gameplay as always. I really like the HL2 series so far because it's so fast paced and has nice gunplay. It's really satisfying blasting with the shotgun.

I really liked the Chernobyl vibe I got from this episode, but god damn, the dialogue. How cheesy is it? It has to be some of the worst dialogue in any game ever. In regular HL2, Alyx is kind of distant and not that positive, but in this game she is very goofy and cheesy. What the hell happened to her?

Corny Corny 2 Corny 3 Corny 4

(Sorry for the small subtitle size, game really isn't optimized for 4K.)