Jedi Fallen Order

Sun 24 Nov 2019, 17:11

Here's a game, that on paper, should be the best game ever.

Jedi Academy

Yes, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. One of my absolute favorites from my childhood. I never finished it, but I played it alot and made it far, then made new characters and made it far again. I've been meaning to go back and play it nowadays but, eh, it's kinda wonky to play nowadays.

But hey, now there's a new Star Wars game is similar to Jedi Academy: Jedi Fallen Order.


It's basically Star Wars Jedi Academy, combined with Dark Souls, combined with Metroid Prime, combined with Uncharted and Prince of Persia, and some other games too. It's like four of the best things in the world, combined into one. It should result in something truly magical.

So how is it like Dark Souls?

Well, you have meditation circles (bonfires) that you meditate (rest) at to restore your energy (HP) and stims (estus flasks). Resting at one of those makes enemies respawn. If you die in combat from an enemy or boss, you can recover your life and exp by killing that enemy on your 2nd try. Sound familiar?

Only thing that isn't like Dark Souls is that the combat is very unsatisfying and doesn't really let you know if you're doing good or not. I don't feel like I got a hang on it.

Oh, and if you fall down a pit or of a cliff or whatever, you don't die, you just start back where you last stood safe and take a small hit on your health. Nice.

So how is it like Metroid Prime?

Well, for starters, just look at how you look at the map:

Fallen Order map system

Jedi Fallen Order Map System

Doesn't it look very familiar to this?

Metroid prime map

Metroid Prime Map system (thanks random Youtube video)

Okay, well maybe not exactly the same. But close enough. Apart from that you can also go back and re-explore areas with your new abilities, being able to access areas you weren't able to access before.

So how it is like Uncharted? Prince of Persia?

Well, you escalate a bunch of random trees and branches and rocks and mountains. You climb vines, ropes, random boards and other weird things. It's parkour.

And it's also quite beautiful, like Uncharted 4, which I still think is one of the prettiest games.

Pretty Dark Souls vibes

And finally, how is it like Jedi Academy?

Well, it's Star Wars. You got a lightsaber. You're solving puzzles. You're going from planet to planet. You have cutscenes. You have a story. It's fantastic.

Ehh, actually, the story is pretty terrible in Jedi Fallen Order. Atleast I think. I honestly couldn't care about it. I tried at first but eventually I just drifted out of the cutscenes and paid no attention to them. The story doesn't really matter.

The gameplay is what matters. And yeah, it's good gameplay, but for some reason I didn't think it was that fun. It wasn't bad or boring either, I mean I played through it, but I just never felt "wow this is so awesome", it was more like "hmm, cool". I just never got really sucked into it. Which is a shame, because I feel like this could be the best game ever. It has all the right things, but it just never feels amazing. I don't know why. I am disappointed in myself for feeling that way.

But hey, I finished the game so it can't be that bad.

Despite saying that, I overall recommend pretty much everyone play this game if you've been waiting for a Star Wars game. Hell, even if you haven't, give it a try anyway. There's something for everyone I think, and pretty much everyone likes Star Wars, right?

I cannot believe there is a EA published single-player Star Wars game released in 2019, without money transactions. What is going on over there? They didn't even lock it to Origin on PC, you can buy it on Steam (or Epic if you hate yourself.)