Game Beaten: Earthbound

Wed 06 Jun 2018, 21:00

I started writing a long post on this game. Too long. I might go back and finish it and publish it later. Like in a few months or years. (Seriously, no guarantees I'll go back.)

There is a ton of stuff I want to eventually say about this game.

But for now all I can say is: - This game is incredible. It's just so crazy and original. A genre of it's own. - The inventory system and everything related to that sucks. I feel like half the time I spent playing the game was spent doing inventory. - The graphics are super cute and I like them a lot. They hold up very well today. - The battle backgrounds are amazing, and remind me of homebrew demos - The final battle is probably my favourite final battle of any game ever? It was quite amazing, and touching. - It is not my favourite game of all time. But at least top 20 probably. Favourite SNES game? Right now: sure! Later on: potentially.

Overall, a cult classic.

Oh, and getting Homesick is annoying, but super cute.

Here are some photos I took of my TV while playing Earthbound:

Cute Ness

I love Ness' little smile on his face

Grind Session

After I had grinded for the Sword of Kings for a while


Yeah my name is George Costanza. I wonder how many others have used this name? Seinfeld was very popular in 94/95 (the game wasn't though).

So this will have to do until I do my longer post about Earthbound. If I ever...