Initial Thoughts on iPhone X

Fri 10 Nov 2017, 23:51

When the Samsung S8 was shown I was very impressed and wanted it, but I held out and waited because I knew I wanted the iPhone version of that. And now I finally have it. Was it worth the money? If you ask most people - probably not. For me? We'll see.

It's worth noting that I bought one on eBay, for $100 over retail price - that's how much I wanted this, even though I flip-flopped alot on whether or not to get one. The only thing pushing me back was the price, and it has definitively been a rough week for my wallet (this phone + car service at authorized Subaru shop + unRAID server motherboard replacement and cache drive replacements... I should write about that too.)

Anyway, here are some thoughts so far. I might do a full review later. But a phone is best judged after a couple of months of use - only then can you talk about battery and how it's been "out in the field."

Face ID

Face ID has been OK for me. I don’t really miss Touch ID, except...

But despite all that, Face ID is really cool. I made a sound when my password magically appeared in password fields in Safari.

And apparently it gets better over time, when it sees your face in more angles etc and I am pretty sure it has gotten faster since I first got it.

I heard someone say on Twitter that if you get a seemingly unexpected passcode entry you should enter your passcode, because that means it picked up a new angle and if you type in your passcode it will save that angle for later.

So overall, it is a decent 2nd gen Touch ID replacement. It will probably be faster than Touch ID eventually, and then there's no looking back.


I usually don't think about it and I think it's really impressive that the screen and apps bend around it, but as I said earlier, I really hate how they had to compromise the status bar because of it, and I know that in a couple of years this notch will be gone and it will look horribly outdated.

In apps or on my home screen I don't really mind it sticking out either, unless you look at it, then it's bothersome. It's weird.

I mean it is hideous if you look at it, but you will probably automatically ignore it, and then I am more pleased with this solution over something like the S8 which has tiny bezels at the top and bottom which looks outdated now that we have this.

It's worth noting that if you watch a 2.35:1 aspect ratio movie, in Plex atleast, the notch will always cover part of the video. If you watch 16:9 you can pillarbox it and it's not in the way.

Apple Leather Folio

Uhh... yeah. I consider it $99 wasted. But probably the best wallet case I’ve used. But all wallet cases are just crap. They add so much bulk and your phone is awkward to hold with it.

What Do I Like?

You may have noticed that all of the things I have said so far are mostly bad things... so what do I actually like?

But... what about the camera? And the super fast A11 chip?

Well, I was very happy with the camera and the performance in my iPhone 7 so I haven't really noticed anything different. I want to mess around with the portrait photo modes but I just don't have alot to photograph, so I can't.

Future Worries?

Further down the line, what am I worried about with this phone?

I'll keep you posted. But in the meantime, I am just very happy to finally have this phone. Otherwise, if I don't have anything more to say about this phone on my blog, look forward to next year when I can do initial impressions on the.. iPhone X2? Because I'm getting that phone for free (relatively) I am pretty sure I will get one.