Publishing and Modifying This Blog from an iPad

Fri 30 Jun 2017, 01:08

I got the 10.5" iPad Pro recently. Since it is a "Pro" device, I decided to try doing some work on it and as it turns out I can actually edit and publish to my blog entirely from this iPad, and quite nicely I might add.


For publishing, I use Byword (as I am writing this in, right now) to write the Markdown text. From there I export to the app Transmit, which is basically a FTP/SFTP client and I simply upload the .txt file from Byword to my VPS in the proper folder.


Modifying code

To edit, I simply use the app Prompt to SSH into my VPS and I can do modify just like I do on the computer. Especially with a hardware keyboard, this is really nice. Even key commands like ^D works to log out and such.

I can run Safari and Prompt side-by-side to just enter code in Prompt, and then just hit refresh on Safari to see the changes.

To update the code on Github, I could probably use the git command line on my server, but I haven't looked into it. I am sure it is possible though.

Safari and Prompt side-by-side

Safari and Prompt side-by-side can be used to modify and develop lambblog

It's actually quite nice. I am liking this.

Of course, editing some code over SSH and writing in Markdown are pretty simple tasks.