Thoughts on what Apple showed at WWDC 2017

Tue 06 Jun 2017, 11:30

Haven't watched an Apple keynote in a while, so I decided to tune in to this one as my Twitter feed was going wild about it before it started.

I don't remember the exact order and I didn't even care about all they talked about, so this will be far from complete, but I have some thoughts here and there and I think it's better than spewing out a ton of tweets.

Macs and macOS High Sierra

As a recent Macbook 12" owner, I am not too upset about that I am now running a one year old version of it. They only improved the CPU and they updated the keyboard to be version 2 of the butterfly switches, but I like the older ones too that mine has, so I don't mind.

iMac Pro

iOS 11


I didn't really understand how the new multitasking UI worked, but I then saw this video in my YouTube recommendations which made it all clear:

Seems to be pretty good and intuitive overall. I'll have to play around with it when I get it on my iPad this fall (if the iPad Mini 2 even supports that kind of multitasking, it's already kind of slow on iOS 10)

Also, the new iPad's seem nice, with adaptive refresh rate up to 120 Hz as I understand it. I also read that it supports 24 Hz, which would be very cool as I primarily use mine for watching TV Shows. Maybe the Apple TV will get 24 Hz eventually?


As with all of these kind of devices, I am not interested. Also I can't listen to music through speakers in my home anyway - it's just awkward, the kind of music I listen to doesn't really work as house tunes.

I also tried Apple Music again and it was awful.