Some more graphs about Friends blu-ray transcodes

Fri 13 May 2016, 16:35

If you didn't have enough from my previous post about this, here's more! I finished transcoding them again! This time using the --small preset in transcode-video. The file sizes are almost halved and honestly the quality isn't noticably worse.

You'd think it would be, since I essentially sliced the bitrate in half, but nope. I can watch these just fine without complaining about the quality. The show is so god damn grainy anyway that it kind of looks bad to begin with.

Some thoughts:

Anyway, here's the graphs. I actually included the data from my previous transcodes/the default option, so you can compare.

transcode time

As you can see, `--small` is generally faster, especially combined with quick. Around Season 8-9 you can see it was way slower though. This was because of my PC doing other things (7zipping a bunch of stuff.)

transcode fps


output file size

Almost half in size most of the time, which made it all worth it.

Now I think I'm done with transcoding Friends episodes for a long time, until I can get a hold of the DVDs and do those too (I want to as they have extended episodes.)