SSHD only makes sense in a PS4

Thu 12 May 2016, 13:17

Not happy with the performance of a SSHD in my PC. Using it as a Steam drive was terrible - GTA V took forever to load.

So I tried moving OS X over to it and using it for that, as I always think OS X works best when it has a single big drive, but the boot times were awful. Once you're in the OS it's pretty okay, but nothing compared to a plain SSD.

So I swapped around and now I'm back to basically where I started, except Windows now has it's own SSD:

I'm considering moving over all the stuff on my Green over to the SSHD and using it instead, as it is a bit quieter, and then making the Green drive for backups, maybe partitioning it 500 GB for HFS+/Time Machine, and 500 GB exFAT for Crashplan.

Using a SSHD just isn't fast enough for me on my PC. It doesn't act well as a Steam drive, or as a OS drive.

Why they make sense in a PS4

On a PC I didn't notice any difference between a regular HDD and a SSHD. On PS4 I have noticed the difference. A death in Bloodborne is a lot more time consuming now.

Anyway, that's it. Don't buy a SSHD unless it's for your PS4, or maybe other game console where you can swap HDD.