Where's Week X? (Week 13)

Sun 03 Apr 2016, 19:52

What happened to Week 12? Is there gonna be a Week 13?

Short answer: probably not. I stopped writing them because it wasn't fun anymore. When I first started, I wanted to have something always write because I enjoyed writing then. And I still enjoy writing but not as much, atleast not Week X. Basically it started to feel like more of a drag than fun.

I might still do some occasional Week X's, like this week and other weeks if I have something cool to talk about.

Anyway, here's week 13:

Week 13

I've been sick



Until next time... Whenever that is. I hope you enjoy the new lambdan.se. The /blog is now / and I think it makes more sense. My old Index did pretty much nothing and no one should've been using it.