Schrödingers GTA V Single-Player DLC

Tue 19 Jan 2016, 23:36

First the actor of Franklin posts an image suggesting that single player DLC is on the way for GTA V, making me happy and optimistic as hell.

Then the actor of Michael says he has no idea, making me sad and pessimistic.

Here are my two cents:

Theory 1: There is a single player DLC on the way, and the actors are under NDA.

Theory 2: There is a single player DLC on the way, and Michael isn't involved in it. It could be a DLC more focused on the gangs and the hoods of Los Santos, something that Franklin, Lamar and all the other homies are involved in. Personally I would love this.

Maybe it would be a prequel, but GTA V starts off with Franklin and Lamar just stealing cars, and I doubt a prequel of that could be interesting. Or hell, maybe it's about Franklin going to a shrink and talking about his childhood and how he got involved with the hood and how his mother went away. Nah, probably not (I've been watching Sopranos.)

It could also be a sequel, showing how Franklin helps the ghetto out with all the money and respect he got from the events of the main GTA V, but the guy that caused a lot of trouble in the hood was capped at the end of the game so that doesn't work either. Hmm.

Either way, I just hope there is a single player DLC on the way. The single player mode of GTA V is somewhere on my top 5 best video games ever, and I would love to have more content for it. I really don't care about the multiplayer mode, I find it extremely boring and filled with waiting.