Week 53

Sun 03 Jan 2016, 20:17

Happy new year!

Hot: * Started using Crashplan. It's a really good Time Machine substitute for Windows. * Bought and played LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Steam. Really fun to play after having seen episode IV-VI. Played the prequels games instead of watching the movies. * Replaced the CPU Cooler and fans in my PC with a CM Hyper 212 EVO and Noctua fans. Really quiet now. * Plex on Xbox One is super awesome. I can control it entirely from my phone. * Been ripping DVDs and encoding them using Don Melton's video transcoding scripts

Not: * Slept 2 hours the night after New Years Eve * The cheap Tesoro keyboard I bought is very nice to type on but is super anal about what USB port its connected to. Considering throwing it away because of that. * I wanna start using headphones for watching TV late at night (the sound is alot better obviously since it doesn’t have to be so low), but I need to buy something to allow me to do that (either an iPad or wireless headphone thing.)