Week 49 (and 48)

Sun 06 Dec 2015, 00:00

Week X is a blog post that I will post every Sunday, inspired by #pastebinmonday. It will be a summary of my week in (usually) list form, consisting of things that I found exciting and fun (hot) and things I haven't been happy about (not). As this is the first week I'm doing this, I'm also including some things from last week (48).

Hot: - ordered a Everdrive 64 (Black Friday), been very excited about that - finally watched the original Star Wars trilogy and got into Harmy's despecialized versions. The work he does is incredible. - Got Destiny TTK for PS4 dirt cheap (Black Friday) and made some discoveries: Destiny is still very fun and the PS4 is dead silent while playing it (it's loud in MGSV) - Finished fallout 4. Very cliche story, I didn't like or dislike it. Feels nice to have it finished though. - PS2 version of GTA SA with trophies is now on PS4

Not: - I'm getting more and more tired of my TV being old and using a 1366x768 panel - Krikzz, the guy who makes Everdrives, lives in Ukraine (not a member of EU), so probably gonna have to pay import fees on the Everdrive - My DXRacer chair makes sounds, usually when I lean back. It's like something goes into place when I sit in it. It's annoying and I'm not very impressed by its build quality so far. I do enjoy sitting in it though (I've noticed that I now have a better posture). - Got offered to work a night, but had to decline due to being busy with other things that night. - GTASA on PS4 has a lot of problems. Input delay, terrible load times and streaming issues, and inconsistent frame rates - The 3.5mm headphone jack on the PS4 controller is at the bottom. I would much prefer it if it were at the top (because it's connected to Line In on PC, and then I listen to it through my PCs headphones)

Week Awards

Game of the week: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain (PS4)
TV show of the week: Mythbusters
Keyboard of the week: IBM Model M