It all comes around

Fri 30 Oct 2015, 00:00

The first expensive keyboard I ever bought was a Apple Wired Keyboard.

My first mechanical keyboard was a Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate (MX Blue). My second was a Corsair K65 that I sold.
Then I got a CM Storm Quickfire TK (MX Brown), which I sold recently.

Then I got a Apple Wireless Keyboard. Also a very nice keyboard, except, it's wireless and doesn't work too consistently because of that. Gonna try and sell it.

Then I got a IBM Model M (Buckling Spring). Very nice keyboard, just one problem: it doesn't have a Windows key, which ironically, is a problem if you run OS X (you have to remap the option key to some awkward place.)

So I went back to my Apple Wired Keyboard. All is fine until I went to play GTA V on PC. As the Alt and "Windows key" on the Apple keyboard are flipped, I use SharpKeys or Auto Hotkey to flip them around. GTA V didnt obey this...

So I unplugged my Apple keyboard and went back to my Das Keyboard.

Now all is good again... until I'm not happy with this keyboard... again.