Fri 02 Oct 2015, 00:00

Past couple of days I have been playing Ocarina of Time. As I have had quite a break from it for a couple of months/years, I had forgotten the visual cues for navigating the desert as child without the lens.

So I had looked up a video on YouTube on my Macbook Air to remember again.

Yesterday I wiped my Macbook Air's SSD again, and installed the fresh OS X El Capitan on it. I did it pretty late, so I had no time to set up anything else on it.

Today, when I went on YouTube to log into my Google accounts, I noticed that I had video suggestions for how to navigate the desert in Ocarina of Time without the Lens of Truth. Keep in mind that I hadn't signed into my Google account(s) yet.

It's not surprising by any means (Google just stores your IP and what videos have been looked at with that IP), but this is the first time I had noticed this, and I found it creepy.