Grab Bag

Wed 23 Sep 2015, 00:00

I feel like writing right now (love clicking and clacking on my IBM Model M), so here is a grab bag of random things I want to write about right now.

Grab Bag

The title for this post is from Hypercritical episode 82. They were discussing John Siracusa's OSX Mountain Lion Review, in which he had a section called Grab Bag where he put stuff that wouldn't fit anywhere else in his review. I listened to this episode today at work [1].

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello

Whenever something isn't right at my computer, a application freezes or a folder shows up empty, I start singing the "Hello, hello, hello, hello" part from Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit in my head. It happened just now because the files from my NAS Dump folder (basically where all Downloads go before they are sorted) don't show up in the Windows Explorer

The S cycle

The iPhone 6S seems nice. I read John Gruber's review of it and it seems like a really cool phone. Sadly, I don't really have any good reasons to get one as my iPhone 6 Plus is perfectly fine and I have it on a 2 year contract (only another year to go!) This does impose a problem on me though. The next year, when my contract expires I'm probably gonna get a new phone, and the new iPhone then is gonna be the iPhone 7. As Gruber mentions in his review, the non-S phones show the new design, while the S-phones improve everything about the internals. I have always known this, but I now regret getting my 6 Plus when I did (when it was brand new). I got it then because the iPhone 5 I had at the time had terrible battery life and I had worked (at the same place as above), so I figured I'd treat myself a little something.

So I'm gonna have to either: a) Get the iPhone 7 b) Sell my 6 Plus and get the 6S [2] as soon as possible c) Use my 6 Plus for another 2 years and get the 7S

Music Situation

While writing this I'm listening to music on my own initiative (what I mean by that is that I selected a song and hit Play) and it's been 15 days since last time according to my history

This means that I really shouldn't subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify. I don't listen to music enough. I find podcasts alot more suitable to listen to while working. I'm gonna have to figure something out, because I really like being able to think of any song and just being a few taps away from playing it in Spotify (or a few words if I'm using Apple Music + Siri.)

Two and a Half Men

Rewatching this show currently (the Charlie seasons only ofcourse [3]). This is probably somewhere between the 10 and 20th time I'm rewatching this show. Before I got into bulking TV shows digitally, all I had was these burned DVD discs of this show and I watched them in my Xbox 360, over and over and over. From that I know pretty much every episode inside out and I know what each character is about to say. But that's fine, I still love it.

I should sometime write about me and rewatching TV shows. I pretty much only watch TV shows (and movies) that I have already seen.

IBM Model M review

Pros: + Solid + Typing feels terrific + Old and cool

Neutral: - No Windows key. When gaming this is a pro. When I want to open the Start Menu to search it's a con.

Cons: - PS/2 connector (complicates when Hackintoshing) - Loud. It sounds better than MX Blue's though. - Limited KRO. I haven't ran into this yet, but I know that I sometime will and it's gonna bug me.


  1. Not comfortable with the word work as I'm not officially employed. I just work whenever they are short staffed and I don't have anything else to do. I enjoy it though.
  2. I would probably get the regular sized 6S this time. The Plus is big and nice, but sometimes its too big and not nice because of it.
  3. Season 1 through 8, when Charlie Sheen was the main guy and not Ashton Kutcher. I've tried to watch the Kutcher seasons but I just can't get into it. It isn't the same show and the humor doesn't tickle me. I have watched the series finale though.