High End PC Parts - A Burden on the Mind

Sun 02 May 2021, 00:58

With the GPU market being as crazy as it is, I decided to sell my RTX 3070 that I got earlier this year.

Why did I decide that?

Well, there's a couple of factors:

It just felt insane having a GPU sitting there collecting dust when the market is what it is, so I got rid of it finally.

Although... I didn't really make a profit for it.

At first I was planning doing that. I responded to a couple "WTB: RTX 3070" posts and got some crazy offers back. But then I remembered something!

You see, I was nice and asked one of my cousins if he wanted it. I remember him asking me around the new year for what PC parts to get. So on a whim, I decided to just text him and ask "hey, did you get a GPU yet?" and I got back "No" and then a couple of hours later he showed up and picked it up (outside and socially distanced of course.)

I let him have it for the same price as I got it for, which is insane too considering I had it for 4 months and played a hundred hours of Cyberpunk on it.

I put all the money I got on some nice low-risk stocks and psychologically just felt a lot better. It's so much nicer not thinking about how I have an expensive GPU just sitting there collecting dust. I didn't use my PC for like a month (while I was playing Persona) and I felt terrible thinking about the card just sitting there.

I was also happy thinking about how my cousin was able to build his PC finally and now much enjoyment he will get out of it.

Prior to the 3070 I had a 1080 TI and I hated thinking about that card too. I had that card for almost 4 years and every day I didn't use it I felt like I was wasting money.

So I wow to never buying expensive PC parts again. I'll stick to the low/mid class. Even if they don't perform as well as you'd wish, hey, you didn't waste that much money either. Staying on top gets really expensive.

(Now if only I could get rid of the iPhone too... Frankly would like to since scrobbling to Last.fm is much better on Android... But I really like the Apple Watch for health reasons.)

Of course, this is just what I'm thinking now. See you in 6 months when I have done something profoundly stupid like bought a RTX 3090 after the crypto market has crashed.