Thoughts on Computers

Sun 04 Oct 2020, 00:33

I'm kinda tired of computers. I dread using my gaming PC. I mean it works fine, its really fast, good, very quiet and it runs cool, but I just hate using it. Windows is so freaking boring to me.

I like using my Macbook more, but it kinda sucks performance wise. But I really like how macOS looks and I love the apps it has. Apps like Little Snitch, Downlink, Tweetbot and 1Password. Granted, 1Password is avaiable on Windows too, but it's much better on Mac, especially since my Macbook has the Touch ID authentication. It's really nice to just tap my fingerprint instead of typing in my annoying long master password.

My current Macbook setup isn't really feasible though, I should get a dock for it. One of these CalDigit TS3 Plus seems nice.

Macbook Setup

This is a damn mess.

I also really like Time Machine on macOS. It's so simple. I just plug in an external disk and boom, it's backing up automatically and its perfect. While it is rare that I need to use backups, it's nice to know I could throw my Macbook in the river, sell a kidney and buy a new Macbook, and plug the disk back in and restore it. Windows has nothing like this. Its just peace of mind.

And then there's the whole Unix thing, brew, proper Retina support without glitches, yada, yada, yada... macOS has a lot of good stuff. Except it kinda sucks for anything remotely close to gaming related things.

Of course, Windows isn't all bad. Managing my servers network drives is a lot better in Windows. And Windows has a lot of good utilities for dealing with my Plex library, such as Bulk Rename Utility and Subtitle Edit. They are tools I use almost daily. But I can use them fine through Remote Desktop.

Operating systems aside, I also kinda don't like PC gaming. Because all of the stupid launchers we have nowadays, getting a game on PC is a hassle. One launcher for one game, another launcher for another game, and a third launcher for a third game. It's just messy and not clean at all. PC gaming used to be relatively clean and nice when everything was in Steam. But all good things apparently must come to an end...

On console meanwhile, everything is in the same place! You buy games in the PS Store and they end up in the PS4 homescreen. You put a disc in and it goes there too. It's fantastic! What a revolution.

Console gaming has other benefits too. It's nice not having to worry about having whether or not you can get better performance by updating drivers, and deciding on what settings to use. I really hate that because I end up messing with the settings and optimizing for the best performance for 4 hours, and then I play the game for 30 mins and find its boring and never play it again. And there are some other minor things, like maybe Windows wants to do a stupid update in the middle of everything.

Hang on now. Before you go all PCMR over me: don't. I know of it and almost consider myself part of it. I think it's a very toxic and hostile community, atleast some of it, but I know of all the benefits, all the framerates, all the mods and all the backwards compatibility. I think it's great its possible to play GTA San Andreas with proper ultrawide aspect ratios and proper framerates. I think the Moguri mod for FFIX is really cool. I think playing FPS games with super high FOV on my Ultrawide monitor in high framerates is super cool.

Playing MMORPG's and The Sims is definitively better with a mouse and keyboard. I definitively aim better in Modern Warfare on PC than I do on PS4.

I know of all the PCMR benefits... but I just don't wanna bother with it anymore. I love the dumb simplicity of playing on console. I don't have to worry about if I should update drivers or tweak a setting. And I don't have to worry about backing up my save files.

I like playing on PS4. I really like it. I like the rest mode it has. When I'm done playing I just enter rest mode (which takes like 3 seconds), and then when I wanna play again I just turn on my TV and hit the button on the PS4 controller and boom, I am right back where I left it. And apparently this is gonna be even better with the next-gen consoles that are just around the corner.

But of course, I hate how bad I am at competitive FPS games when I play it on PS4. I feel like by the time I got my sights on an enemy I am dead. Obviously its just a matter of getting used to it, but it takes time and its annoying when I know I could do much better if I sat by my desk and used my computer instead.

So what is the point in saying all this?

I don't know. I just wanted to vent. Basically, it boils down to this:

I'm not really sure what my plan is. I think I'm just gonna keep on doing what I have been doing: play games on PS4 (and eventually get the PS5) and only turn on my PC when I have no choice, and use the Macbook as my main computer.

Ideally, if I wanted to throw a ton of money down the river, I'd sell my current 13" Macbook and upgrade to a 16"... But I kinda don't like that plan either because I like the portability of the 13". I also need to see what the ARM models bring.

And then I could maybe also sell my PC in parts and buy a almost decent laptop that I could use for recording and streaming and transcoding. Since there are very good Ryzen based laptops nowadays, it's not crazy. I could also build a tiny SFF PC (I already have one) and just use that for those tasks. Sure, that works fine, but it's not as clean as I need to bring out a monitor and keyboard and mouse for it. With a laptop, I could just close the lid and put it away when I don't need it for a while.

But I also know I change my mind frequently, so if I sold my PC in parts, I would probably regret it eventually.

I don't know. I just felt like writing out my thoughts on this. There are bigger problems in the world but this is what I'm going crazy over.

In the meanwhile, you should listen to this cover of Heart of Glass if you haven't already.

Updated Oct 4 19:42 - Removed Time Machine image and replaced it with image of my current messy Macbook setup, and added reference to the TS3 Plus dock