the little things

Sat 12 Oct 2019, 22:59

I mentioned alot of things I liked about Android in my initial post about it, I Switched to Android, so I'm gonna try to not repeat them here (although some will because they're just so damn good).

Activating DND If you have an alarm on and enable Do Not Disturb it will ask if you would want it to be on just until the alarm rings. This suits my sleeping habits perfectly as I have my alarm on in the phone, and then when I put my phone away to sleep I just hit the DND toggle and pick the alarm option. If I oversleep someone can call me and wake me up. Compare to iOS where I would have to manually disable DND (which means no one can call me if I oversleep) or edit my scheduled DND in iOS constantly as I wake up different times during the weekend etc.

Your next alarm is shown on the lock screen when it's appropriate. For example: if it's 21:00 right now and I have a 7:00 alarm turned on, the 7:00 alarm will show on the lock screen: 7 AM Alarm But if I disable the 7AM alarm and enable a 18:00 instead it won't show because it's too long until then (I think the cutoff is 12 hours?): 6 PM Alarm Contrast it with iOS where I would frantically open up the alarm tab in to make sure I had the right alarm turned on.

When you activate an alarm it tells you how long it is until then. While this can cause anxiety, I ultimately think it's a good thing because I can know how much sleep I could get in the best possible scenario and it re-affirms me that my alarm is set correctly. I don't really see it that often though because I usually have the same alarms enabled all the time, but the few times I do see it I appreciate it: Alarm rings in...

Fingerprint authentication in apps doesn't randomly stop working. Assuming you don't change or add fingerprints, they always work inside apps. I think I entered my 1Password password twice in this entire 4 month span I've had my Pixel 3a: the first time, and the first time after I had added my other thumb. Since then it has just worked. On iOS whenever you did a reboot, updated, or just randomly for seemingly no reason at all, 1Password would ask for my master password. My banking app would ask me to re-enable Touch ID auth, and so on. iOS being so secure is one of it's best features and one of the things I miss the most, but I think something is just broken in it's current implementation of biometric unlocking for 3rd party apps.

If you don't have automatic rotation on and rotate your phone a little button will pop up letting you override it. This was even better before gesture navigation as the button would just be part of the navigation bar (next to the back, home, recents buttons), but even this implementation is alot better than getting up your control center or whatever to enable rotation. Rotation

You don't get asked to re-enter your Apple ID password randomly. I think I've entered my Google password once since I got this phone, which was during the initial setup (obviously). Contrast it with iOS where I have to enter it atleast once a day I feel like. Downloading a new free app? Password! Entering iTunes account information? Password! Going into iCloud settings? Password! Sometimes it just randomly popups on your home screen? PASSWORD! (I think it happens when you add or remove a device from your Apple ID). Again, I like that iOS is secure but because of how often I have to enter my damn Apple ID password I can't be bothered making it a super secure password because I have to enter it manually so many times. Contrast with my Google password which is a 30 character jumbled mess of random shit, because I never have to enter it.

Refunding apps from the Play Store. On the Play Store I am very willing to try apps that cost money, some more expensive than others. In fact, I think I might even prefer paid apps because the free ones tend to have so many ads and shit ruining the app. Eitherway, I am very comfortable getting paid apps on the Play Store because I know if I don't like it I can just uninstall it within a couple of hours or whatever the limit is and boom, I get a refund, instantly! On iOS I try to find some kind of review of the app I'm about to buy. Sometimes I just read the App Store reviews (rarely a good idea), and sometimes I might find a review on some Apple news site. But even then, sometimes I am not happy with the app, and so I wan't my money back. So how do I do it? Well, as far as I am aware, the only way to do it is to wait 1-2 days for the receipt email to come in, and in the footer of that email is a tiny blue little link you can hit to take you to a form (after you sign in with your Apple ID ofcourse because it's on a website, not a native app) where you can request a refund. Then you have to wait another couple of days and then it's finally done. It sure is a lot more work than just holding down on the little icon and dragging it to the trash and then instantly seeing a refund confirmation. As a user I obviously love the way refunds are done on Android, but I would maybe be more critical of it if I was a developer. Say I made an app that let you, for example, open up 7-Zip archives. Someone who is in a pinch might just go buy that app to open up their 7z file, then after they're done they might just uninstall the app and get their money back, even though I just helped them out and got nothing for it. But for now I love how refunds are done and it might honestly be one of the best things about Android. The app quality varies alot on the platform, so having easy refunds balances it out.

The title of this post is a direct reference to one of my favorite Ocarina of Time videos ever: the little things. I learned so many little things about that game from that video that made me appreciate the game more.