Windows XP Blues

Fri 23 Aug 2019, 18:58

I got a hankering for the blues used in Windows XP. The blank dark blue which was the wallpaper if you had the XP Luna theme but no wallpaper, and the title bars.

It ended up with me installing Windows XP in a VM and grabbing the values. Couldn't I just have googled for a screenshot? Sure.


Wallpaper Blue

The RGB values for the wallpaper are: 0, 78, 152.

Windows 10 actually has a preset wallpaper color that looks like the one used in Windows XP, but it's not quite right:

Win 10 Blue

Title Bars

The title bars are trickier as they're faded in Windows XP, as you can see in the screenshot above. I picked a color in the middle of it, and ended up with: 0, 88, 238. If you wanna be fancy you could take the top half value and the bottom half value and average them out.


Now I got the Windows XP blues in Windows 10!


This is a blog post created out of one of my Twitter threads. It happens alot nowadays that I just make a long jumbled mess of a Twitter thread instead of making a fancy blog post. Probably ADHD or something.