Google Photos Is Better

Thu 06 Jun 2019, 02:57

I uploaded all my photos back to Google Photos again. I didn't remove them from iCloud this time though, I have them in both places. Having an extra backup doesn't hurt.

Why though? Why did I do it?

Have you ever tried using something and it just instantly feels better and more right for you? It's like what you feel when running Brave (or Chrome) instead of Firefox. It's like when you use MPC-HC instead of VLC. It's like when you use Spotify instead of Apple Music. It's like when you use Sublime Text instead of Notepad++.

That's what using Google Photos is like.

And even my mom agrees. Once I had confirmed on my devices that using both Google Photos and iCloud Photos is possible and doesn't do anything weird, I set it up on her iPad for her. And she too said pretty soon after: "yeah this is better."

So what is it? Well, for me it's this:

Another thing I really like is that you don't have to worry about storage limits if you don't mind not storing the originals. I personally have a 200 GB plan with Google and thusly upload my photos in original quality, but for a lot of people, if the not the majority, the free "high quality" tier is very appreciated. I had a friend who had crushed his phone, but he didn't lose his photos because he had set up Google Photos and was very happy he still had his photos, even if they were slightly worse quality.

So go ahead and set up Google Photos. Now. Unless you don't like Googles datamining business... I go back and forth on that.