Back to iPhone

Sat 11 May 2019, 01:24

Borta bra men hemma bäst is the Swedish variant of "There's no place like home". In this case, home is iPhone.

As you saw in my post from a couple of weeks ago I was pretty sure I was going back to iPhone, and surprising to absolutely fucking no one I ordered one pretty soon after that.

I actually ended up going with an iPhone 8. I got a good deal on it with my carrier so I figured I'd try it out.

iPhone 8: Mini Review

The iPhone 8 is a lovely little phone. It's amazing being able to reach all four corners of the screen without much effort or shuffling the phone around in my hand.

The bezels are huge and do look old, but it's great too. It's very nice to hold them when watching a video or showing a picture!

I forgot how great and consistently Touch ID works compared to Face ID. While Face ID was generally great for me, it would mess up atleast once a day when I had an iPhone X. The fingerprint reader in the OnePlus 6T would mess up atleast 5 times per day. The iPhone 8 (and every other iPhone that has Touch ID Gen 2) never fucks up. And it is so ridiculously fast too.

Battery is about what I expect. I have gotten more comfortable lately with just charging my phone when I get home from work so I don't really care about battery anymore. I just throw it on the charger when I get home or whenever I feel like it. I used to have OCD back in the day where the only time I would charge my phone was when I was sleeping, so the phone had to last an entire day. While I could still do that, it would be cutting it close.

Other than that, it's an iPhone so there's not much more to say.

Things I Miss From Android

It didn't take long before I found something I missed from Android.

First thing I ran into was saving a GIF: Well We've Officially Bottomed out GIF

Imgur wanted me to download their app on iOS and save it from there. For a variety of reasons I didn't want to download their app. If I saved the image in Safari, it would save the image, but only as a still, a JPG or something.

What I ended up doing was ssh'ing into my server and downloading the GIF there, then putting it into a folder on my website and download it straight from there. That worked.

On Android I know it would've worked to just save the image straight from Imgur, I know because I tested. Brave/Chrome on Android is simply more capable.

Then there are a bunch of small things I miss from Android, such as:

And then there are even more but most of them are just theoretical. Things like being able to run ffmpeg and youtube-dl and things like being able to change default apps. In practice I never did that.

The things I have gained back from switching back to iOS outweighs them though.

First of, it's the whole security and privacy thing. It just feels better even though in practice it probably doesn't matter. When I was using my Android phone I was kind of scared of doing any banking on it, it just didn't feel safe. When I'm on iOS I am very comfortable. I also didn't like the feeling of Google knowing absolutely everything I did. They had all my photos, all my mail and my whole phone. Now I have moved everything out of Gmail into iCloud Mail and I have removed Google Photos and moved back into iCloud Photos (which was a pain in the ass btw, some day I'll talk about that maybe).

Secondly, it's the whole family sharing thing. Almost all of my family members are on iOS (because of me) so we can share iCloud storage and things like that.

Thirdly, I have been bad mouthing Android almost my whole life so I just felt like a hypocrite when I had changed.

Fourthly, I can use Carplay again! My car receiver didn't wanna use Android Auto even though it has support for it. It just complained that I wasn't parked and wouldn't let me configure it. With Carplay I just plug my iPhone in and it's done. It's a great comfort for me being able to have the GPS in my dashboard.

Fifthly, my Apple Watch works again! And I got a cute band for it (because I wanted a new sport loop and this color was the only one in stock in the store where I would get it from the fastest, but I actually love this color now!), I think it's called Hibiscus.

Apple Watch Band

Finally, now I can be part of the Apple community again and be excited for WWDC and everything else!

But overall this experience was very helpful and I now know things on the other side aren't that bad, and in fact, in many ways they are a lot better. But I am just so much more comfortable on iOS and I feel like home again.

Borta bra men hemma bäst.