reputation Review

Thu 16 Nov 2017, 20:58

I had fun last time I wrote an album review, so I figured I'd do it again.

This time, we're talking reputation by Taylor Swift... Are you ready for it?

Cover Art

You can just look at this album art, and then look at any of her older albums cover arts and see that she is trying something new. I won't get into any theories why or what she is doing, but it seems to me that she is trying to be a bad ass, instead of a cheerful little girl. Musically, it's about the same though, for most of the songs anyway...

Let's just go through the songs now.

...Ready for it?

This was one of the songs that was released before the album as a single, and as I guessed, it is the opening track. Makes sense, anyone could figure that out by just reading the title of the song. Anyway, probably one of the best, if not the best song of the album, which is unfortunate as it makes the rest of the album not as good, if you think this is the best song. I especially like the "in the middle of the night, in my dreams" parts. They're so nice and wonderful to hear. I heard the song on the radio multiple times too, while in a restaurant and some other places, and I think it just sounded pleasant everywhere.

End Game

This is a good song. It could be perfect, but unfortunately it has two guests, and they're awful. If you just listen to Taylor's parts it's really awesome though, albeit, instrumentally it doesn't sound like a Taylor song.

I Did Something Bad

Really awesome song and I am already predicting it to be in a movie or a TV show after someone has done something epic. I even think there is sounds of gun blasts during the refrain ("it just felt so... bang bang... good... bang bang... good"), could be great for a COD montage on YouTube. Definitively one of my favorites.

Don't Blame Me

Early on this was my favorite song on the album, and it probably still is (yes, it is). I also get this Apple keynote vibe from it, I feel like it could be played before their event starts. You know right before the show starts and they show the crowd and such? I can really see this song being played during that part.

That refrain is just so powerful and awesome.


One of the bad ones, but it's still not horrible either. It's not like some of the songs on Katy Perry's Witness album (read my previous album review) where you wanna amputate your ears. But for being a song on this album, it's bad.

Look What You Made Me Do

Probably the most controversial song of this whole album. This was the first single to be released, and it kinda came out of nowhere and everyone was like "what the hell happened to Taylor???". And yeah, that kind of reaction makes sense if you're coming from the lovey dovey 1989. At the time it was released, I said it was extremely good, and now, I don't know, it's not great, but not bad. It's kind of lowkey boring. It's kinda quiet and slow and just weird and very repeating. In other words, it is not extremely good anymore.

Also, I played this song in Audioshield, once, and as soon as I hear this song now I think of that VR session.

So It Goes...

Mediocre. Filler. Whatever.


This was also released as a single before the album came out and I really fucking hated it at first. In fact, I tweeted:

Taylor Swift - Gorgeous is an awful song. fucking horrible

Do I still feel that way? Hell no. I kinda like it now, but it's not great. It's better than the three previous songs, but not the other ones.

The lyrics just aren't great, except the part about the cats, and the refrain is just slightly ear screeching.

Getaway Car

This song really stuck with me the first time I heard it. Like it was immediately stuck in my head. And the lyrics really got to me. I started thinking about all the GTA missions I've played where you drive away in a getaway car, but more emotionally (for whatever reason), I started thinking about Rosa from Orange is the new black. I don't wanna spoil that show, but I just think of her backstory, and how many loved ones she lost in getaway cars. Seriously, they could just make the music video for this song be clips from Rosa's flashback... if Taylor is into Orange is the New Black (If I had to guess, I'd say that she watches it.)

Yeah, one of my favorites, as part of the album, but probably not a song I'd add as a single track to a playlist that I'd listen to.

King of my Heart

Great song, but not one of my favorites. Definitively better than something like So It Goes or LWYMMD.

Dancing With Our Hands Tied

A great one. Also one of my favorites. Someone could probably make a great freerun video to it.


Decent song as part of the album, but probably one of the worst ones individually.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

This could be my favorite song of the album! It really could. I really, really fucking like it.

EXCEPT... At around 2:30, Taylor cuts in and says "HA HA HA I can't even say that with a straight face", and it just really scares me everytime and it sounds awful. Her singing voice might be good but god damn that is an awful voice to cut in to a great song with. For real though, because of that this song isn't #1 of the album. It's like #3 or #4.

Call It What You Want

Good as part of the album, but just feels like filler otherwise. Like, slight step above "meh".

New Year's Day

This song doesn't really fit in as it's not very poppy, but it's a beautiful song. IMO, don't consider it part of the album, but like it's own separate thing, where Taylor is just on her own.

So there you have it, the definitive review of the album.

If I had to pick between reputation and 1989 to listen to on repeat for the rest of my life, I'd pick reputation. (I cannot compare to her older albums, as I am too late to the party for those.)

However, I think 1989 still has better individual songs, such as Shake it off, Blank space, Out of the woods, Style, Bad Blood, I Know Places and New Romantics, all 5/5 songs, but 1989 also has more unlistenable songs, whereas reputation has like 1 song that is terrible.

Of course, neither of the albums has her best song, Sad Beautiful Tragic.

BTW, I have this association with Taylor releasing a new album and new iPhones. Because when 1989 was released, so was the iPhone 6/6 Plus. And now with reputation, there was the iPhone X. So I guess the next time we'll get a significant iPhone revamp, we'll also get a new Taylor album. I'll be looking forward to that!