Essential Things to Do after Clean Windows Install

Sat 03 Jun 2017, 20:50

I finally reinstalled Windows today after I've been meaning to do it for months. I went with Windows 7 for fun. I have nothing against Windows 10, really, but I just wanted 7 for fun. A few hours later I installed Windows 10 instead.

Anyway, I decided to write down all the things I need to do to get a barely functioning (for me) install of Windows, inspired by Casey Liss.

Before wiping C:

Installation of Windows

Nothing to point out here. If the drive is over 500 GB, I recommend partitioning it to have ~200 GB for the OS, and the rest for storage.



(Preferably these will already be downloaded onto a USB or other HDD)


Monitor Positioning

Having the second screen (1080p) in the middle makes the mouse pointer move almost straight across from my 1440p monitor

For Windows 10: Disable Tracking


Depends on your situation, but Windows should be activated before moving on

Installing software

Map Network Drives

Set up Dropbox and 1Password

Set up Google accounts in Chrome

Set up WhatPulse

(If you know your WhatPulse password without needing 1Password, I would do this as soon as you get network drivers working, for accuracy's sake)

iCloud Bookmarks

Set up other software

Google Chrome: - Install uBlock Origin - Install 1Password Addon - Visit an English website and set "Never translate from English"

Spotify: - Log in - Enable scrobbling to - Disable Right Sidebar/Activity Feed

Steam: - Log in - Add game libraries that are present on other HDDs - Make sure Interface Language is English - Install CS:GO and GTA V if they weren't on the other HDD (but pause their downloads for now)

Everything: - Disable "Run as administrator" under settings - Under Index > Folders, add network drives - Under Keyboard, enable "New Window" shortcut to Alt+Space (to fake Spotlight on macOS)

qBitorrent: - Drag left sidebar to the left as far as possible to hide it - Right click column headers, and disable the hashtag (#) - Open Settings - Downloads: - Change default save folder to X:/Dump - Enable "Append .!qB extension to incomplete files" - BitTorrent: - Seed torrents until their ratio reaches 0.00 and then Pause Them

Filezilla: - Add connection for

Capture Card (PEXHDCAP60L) and AmarecTV

Install and configure more software

Set up transcode-video, ffmpeg and youtube-dl

Set up cygwin/babun

Set up OBS for streaming

Restore save files

Final Things

That should be pretty much it for the essentials. After this, I will add whatever is needed whenver it is needed, things such as Origin, Uplay,, Skype, Discord, TeamViewer, etc.