Relatively, It Costs Me Nothing

Thu 08 Sep 2016, 16:27

Here's what I'm currently paying my phone carrier for my plan + iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (that I actually sold a couple months ago): ~$45/month for 2 years

Here's what I'll be paying my phone carrier for extending my plan + iPhone 7 32GB: ~$45/month for 2 years

Difference: ~$0/month

Relatively, it won't cost me anything to get the new iPhone. I'm used to paying ~$45/month to my carrier so I might as well continue doing it.

It's worth noting as far as size and variant go, the iPhone 7 I'm getting is worse than my 6+ 64 GB. If I wanted to do a perfect transition, I would be getting an iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB. But this time I wanna try 4.7", and 32 GB is plenty. The extra camera on the Plus does seem nice, but I honestly don't take that many photos so I shouldn't worry about it. Battery is also gonna be worse than a Plus, but that's fine. I end my days with the SE at around 50%. I charge my phone every night.

The reason a "baseline" iPhone 7 costs as much as a 6+ 64 GB 2 years ago, is because the dollar fluctuated and all Apple products went up in price in Sweden by alot.

I will sell my iPhone SE, that I bought straight up with cash.

Seeing how much we use our phones, atleast I do, ~$45/month is not that bad.

I'm not trying to brag, but I feel like I am by saying that. All I'm trying to do here is explain why I'm getting the new phone, even though I'm really not that excited about it. I'm actually very happy with my SE, except the screen size, which is also what I love about it. It's complicated.