My Physical Copies of Harmy's Despecialized Star Wars

Sat 13 Feb 2016, 12:37

I always wanted to have physical copies of these.

I would've done them long time ago, but I thought I needed a blu-ray burner for that. Then I realized there is this AVCHD version of it that fits on a dual-layer DVD and can be played in most, if not all, blu-ray players.

Here's what you need: - DVD+R DL discs and a way to burn them - Empty Blu-ray cases - Glossy photopaper - CD Labels - Ink for your printer

Anyway here are the results. They are not superb.

The covers are great, they are printed on nice and thick photopaper and the colors are nice. The covers were easy to print out (once our printer started working). Undercover 10 is a great program for this.



The text sharpness is good enough. It could probably be better if I had a laser printer and higher DPI printer.


The CD labels I'm not very happy with. First off, finding the margins for the labels I had was a bitch. These were the best I could get (trust me, I wasted A LOT of ink on this part). If there is a new revision of one of the movies I need to burn a new disc so I'll probably try printing out a better label then.

There are labels that match the this style of cover, but I went with these as I thought they were cooler.


Another problem with these labels, or maybe my blu-ray cases is that it's a very tight fit around the inner circle. After I had a disc in the case and took it out, the center looks like this:


At first I thought this happened after I had the disc in my PS3 (and PS4), but turns out it's from the blu-ray cases. I don't think it damages your player anyway.

I really like how the spines turned out though, it's probably my favorite part and they look nice on my shelf.


I've tried all movies and they played just fine in both my PS3 and PS4. The PS3 took quite some time to get them started, the PS4 was pretty much instant. I plan on watching them once I get my soundbar so I can experience them in 5.1 sound.