:@ :@ :@ (alternative title: Plex on the PS4!)

Fri 08 Jan 2016, 22:42

If there is something I hate, it is when something doesn't do the same thing each time.

I've been watching the Sopranos (great show) on my PS4. The way I've been doing it is by having a Plex server and using the built-in mediaplayer on the PS4, and sometimes the Plex app itself for PS4. The thing that's great about watching movies and TV shows on the PS4 is that the controller has a built-in 3.5mm port in it, which makes it really easy and convenient to use headphones late at night.

Anyway, the reason I've been watching most of the show on the built-in mediaplayer, instead of the Plex app, is because the Plex app doesn't always behave the way I want it to. For some reason, Sopranos won't fill my entire TV. It will just show in a tiny little window (probably actual resolution) instead of filling out the screen. Mythbusters on the other hand fill out just fine in the Plex app. The built-in mediaplayer will fill out the screen with Sopranos, so that's why I use it for that show.

Okay, so that's great. So I watch the show, and you know, it's a good show so I wanna watch the next episode, and the next, and the next. Most of the time it's fine, I just hit down on the D-pad and hit (X) and the next episode starts playing. But suddenly, the spinner spins unusually long and suddenly I get a message "This media cannot be played" (paraphrasing because my PS4 OS is in Swedish), so I go "what the fuck?"

I try the next episode instead and see if that one works, and of course, it does!

So I go back to the episode that didn't work and try it in the Plex app, and same result, that file cannot be played.

So I try it on my computer:

The conclusion is that the media file is fine and my PS4 is just fucking up. So I go into Preferences for the built-in mediaplayer on the PS4 for Plex and turn off Direct Stream and Direct Play, figuring this will force my Plex server to transcode the file into something my PS4 can play (which is unecessary because the subtitles are burned in and they are just plain x264 MP4 files, which PS4 can play just fine), and it actually works.

Great! I start watching the next episode, and the next one, and the next one and then... "what the fuck?", same error shows again.

So I go through the whole procedure again but I can't disable Direct Play and Direct Streaming this time, they are already disabled. So what do I do? Well of course! I enable them again!

So I enabled them. And, nope, it didn't work. I try disabling them again, nope, didn't work.

At this point I start going through in my head what other things I can play Plex on, and I come up with alot, but they all have the same flaw: I can't use headphones on them (except on my phone.)

Then I turn off my PS4 and angrily jump over to my computer chair and start writing this, hoping it will work after I have written and published this and taken a shower.