Week 51

Sun 20 Dec 2015, 00:00

Overall I've been very happy this week. I don't know why, because nothing in particular happened. I've just been happy. Alot of fun stuff also happened so I guess that contributes.

Hot: - beat Undertale. Weird, weird, weird game. You can read more about it when I post my "Games I beat in 2015", or in this tweet - sent in the last assignment on my C++ university class, and got it cleared. Now just a final in January and then I'm done. - Found this awesome little program called Pingendo, which basically makes web design using Bootstrap as easy as drag n drop - Company I worked at during the summer (and sometimes still do) invited me (and everyone else that works there) to a nice big christmas dinner. Was nice seeing everyone outside of work. - Had fun playing osu!mania. I was inspired after seeing Staiain playing, he is super good. Looking forward to his showcase at AGDQ. - Put the keycaps from my Tesoro Durandal G1N on my Das Keyboard, and also applied O-rings. Kinda like it. - Black Ops 3 had a free weekend on Steam, so I finally got to try it - Did some speedruns of Mario 64 nonstop-mode, which was fun. I really wanna get back to speedrunning something. I love streaming and splitting the timer. - Been watching the 101% DK64 run that was posted to SDA recently. I haven't watched all of it, but god damn that game is broken. Loved seeing how you go to the later stages right away to get moves. - Managed to go a week without ordering anything (unless you count World of Warcraft subscription)

Not: - MGSV is getting more and more boring and slow. I almost considered being done with it after episode 31 (that's when Kojima left apparently), and most episodes 32-50 are just old missions but harder difficulty. But apparently there are some story twisters in there so gonna keep on playing. - There are no keyboards with Cherry MX Green to buy in Sweden. - Been craving some PC gaming but I have no games to play on it (or well, I do have Witcher 3 for example), so I resubbed to World of Warcraft... Yikes. - Got a bluescreen while playing osu!mania, WHEAUNCORRECTABLEERROR. Haven't gotten a bluescreen since I was trying to find a stable OC, which I eventually did 6+ months ago. So not really sure what's wrong. I'm just gonna ignore it for now and if it happens again I will investigate further. - Black Ops 3 is not fun - Still haven't seen the movie, waiting for that cam release...

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