Sun 20 Dec 2015, 00:26

Here’s what I do for storage for my digital life.

My main rig

In my main rig I have two SSDs and 2 HDDs:


In our NAS we have one disk internally, and two external drives.

Mac Mini

In my Mac Mini I only have a single 120 GB Samsung EVO 840 SSD. The only things ran on this disk is OS X, Plex Server and Plex Home Theater. Quite overkill, but it’s quiet. It gets backed up through Time Machine.

Macbook Air

My Macbook Air only has a 120 GB SSD in it, so it also gets backed up through Time Machine.

Closing Words

I’m not a huge fan of backup, maybe it’s because I never had significant data loss. The main reasons I do it on the machines running OS X is because it’s made so simple by Time Machine. You just pick a drive and hit OK, and you never have to touch it again. I also do it on my NAS because I would hate to lose all the media I have collected over the years.

But I don’t see the point of doing it on something like my Windows drive. On there I only have games, all of which can be re-acquired through Steam, and Steam also backs up save files for most games (except GTA V).

I am interested in Backblaze though. As soon as they support backing up an entire NAS without some weird iSCSI workaround, I’m probably gonna try them.