Week 50

Sun 13 Dec 2015, 16:44

Hot: - Been messing around with the Everdrive 64. Discovered it has a Gameshark built in which works great because you can enter codes into .txt files on your PC, then just transfer them onto your SD card. - Got a AV Famicom. Very, very cute little system. Need to get a Everdrive for it. - Had a little mini christmas with some family because they are gonna be traveling. Got South Park: The Stick of Truth for PS3. Not a bad game. - Finished my platinum trophy playthrough of GTA SA. Thank god, I don't wanna touch that game in a long, long time.

Not: - Not a fan of the dogbone controller I got with the AV Famicom. It's a cute little controller but I don't like that the buttons are at an angle (makes it awkward in games like Mario 1) - Undertale won over Mario 64 in Gamefaqs Best Game Ever Poll. I bought Undertale and played a little of it (1h 40m as of writing this), and it's a pretty neat game. The music is great, the puns that the skeleton guy makes are great, and I love the fighting mechanics. But there's no way in hell it's better than Mario 64. If this game would've come out a year ago it wouldn't even be in this poll. - Got a pre-release copy of World of Warcraft: Legion. I really don't want it right now because I don't have any Game Time and I only want it, and the box for it, when the game actually releases. Not this pre-order bonus. Gonna lose some money on returning it as I have to pay for shipping. - Not happy with some missions in MGSVTPP. Some missions are great and really fun, they tend to be more realistic. But then there are these weird missions with the "skulls", which are just unnatural and makes me hate the game. - Youtube copyright claiming songs in GTA SA. Not surprising but still annoying. I'm currently uploading my platinum playthrough for the 2nd time, where I have now muted the sections that previously contained the affected songs.

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