Update: I want a higher resolution display

Sat 22 Aug 2015, 00:00

Before you continue reading this, you should read my previous post about this topic first: here

So I did get a new display. I did not get the 15" rMBP as I initially intended to.

You're probably wondering what happened. Basically I decided that I wasn't gonna get a 15" rMBP - it's too expensive. I started researching monitors and ran into this thing called adaptive sync, more commonly known as Nvidia GSync or AMD Freesync. These are technologies that makes your screen have the same refresh rate as your framerate that your graphics card is putting out.

So I decided I wanted this technology as it eliminates tearing in PC Gaming, and makes it smoother.

Then I decided I wanted something better than 1920x1080, and there aren't many choices, there is basically 2560x1440 or 4K. 4K is not mature yet to play games in, so I voted in favor of 2560x1440.

Then I had to decide between TN or IPS. I've always used TN-panels for my computer monitors, so initally I went with another TN-panel monitor: Acer XG270HU. This was a monitor with AMD Freesync. I ordered it, and started to read more about it and discovered that it had a firmware issue where ghosting would occur when AMD Freesync is enabled, and to update the firmware you would have to send in the monitor to Acer for them to do it. Yuck, that's too much work, so I cancelled the order.

I continued on researching, and basically came to the conclusion that all AMD Freesync monitors I could find reliable reviews of had some kind of issue. It was either ghosting, or only capable to use Freesync in a limited range of refresh rates so I decided to not get AMD Freesync, as it didn't seem ready.

So now I'm down to two things: 2560x1440 and GSync. Inputting this into Prisjakt, a Swedish site where you basically put in what you want and it will find you which store sells you that thing for the least money. I was down to 2 monitors: Asus Swift PG278Q or Acer XB270HU. Differences between these are: one is IPS, and one is TN. One is ~$150 cheaper than the other. And I went for the more expensive XB270HU, thinking that I would appreciate IPS more since it has better viewing angles (doesn't matter for me though really as I sit in front of my computer), and better colors.

So this is what I ended up with:
- Acer XB270HU
- 2560x1440
- 144 Hz - Nvidia GSync

And it's great. 2560x1440 is lovely. I can see pixels if I go up real close to it, but the amount of windows I can fit in Windows is great.
The colors are awesome. I tried playing some on my old monitor and it looked super grey and boring, not as lively as IPS colors.
144 Hz is meh. I don't feel a huge difference, other than seeing alot more cursors in Windows when moving my mouse around fast.

GSync is what kills it though, this is a awesome technology. Since I was using a AMD card, a R9 280, I had to get a Nvidia card to take advantage of it. So I traded with my friend, my R9 280 for his GTX 660 Ti. A downgrade in me in terms of performance, but an upgrade for me since I can use Gsync. Basically, with the same settings as I used with my R9 280, this GTX 660 Ti loses about 10 FPS, what used to be 63 FPS, is 53 FPS and so on. But the great thing is, I don't feel it. GSync smoothes it out so it feels like 60 FPS.

Only bad thing about this monitor, and I think all Gsync monitors, is that it only has one (1) Displayport connection. This means I cannot hook up my Mac to it, which is a huge bummer, or maybe not as I kinda dislike Apple at the moment. Maybe I'll write about that soon.