I want a higher resolution display

Wed 05 Aug 2015, 00:00

I wanna get into the high resolution display market - what Apple calls "Retina" and what most of you know as 4k.

So, should I go for a 4k monitor or a 15" Retina Macbook Pro, or maybe a 5k iMac?

Well, I'm pretty decided on a 15" rMBP, here's why:

15" rMBP would also have a bunch of other advantages over my MBA, here's some of them:

As much as I like my 11" Air, it's not for me currently. I loved it when I was going to school daily, it was really convenient to carry around. But now I'm gonna be home for a while, so I have no need for portability. Sitting with a 11" computer at my desk is just silly.

There are some downsides though. I would have to sell my current Air (which isn't to bad per say, I have buyers) which is annoying. I would have to spend money, a lot. Roughly 20 000 SEK. Even if I sell my Air for roughly 4000 SEK, I would have to put out 16 000 SEK which I don't want to.

I'm not 100% sure on this, but all I know is that I want a display which I can't see the pixels on.