Sat 27 Jun 2015, 00:00

Been working on my brand new webpage now for 6 hours or so, so I need to take a break. So let's write a post here!

Let's talk about podcasts.

My History With Podcasts

Prior to summer 2014 I didn't give two shits about podcasts. Then I got a pretty boring, brain dead, job during that summer so I needed something to listen to. I could just have listened to music but at the time I couldn't think of any good music and most music is bad, there's only a couple of songs that I like which I would quickly exhaust.

So I gave this podcast thing a try. I went to the App Store on my iPhone and downloaded Apples official Podcast app. I think the first podcast I subscribed to was WTF! with that Mark guy, just because it was most popular. I also subscribed to 99% Invisible and Stuff You Should Know. So the very first episode I listened to was the WTF! with the comedian Fluffy, which can be found here (it was posted 7th July 2014 so it fits in my description.)

Anyway, I remember not liking this show. To date, this is the only WTF! episode I have listened to. I remember thinking some parts of it was interesting but for the most part I didn't like it. But as I liked some parts of it, I then listened to 99% Invisible. I think the first episode I listened to there was about barcodes. This show was a little better. It stil felt quite slow for my liking, but I ended up listening to some more of them.

Then I tried the third podcast I had subscribed to, Stuff You Should Know, and I believe the first episode I listened to was about sushi, and I fell in love. These guys are so interesting to listen to. I can listen to infinite amounts of episodes in a row without getting bored of them (mind you, I'm doing brain dead and monotonous work while doing so) and they keep me company and entertained.


Now that I had seen heard that a podcast could be entertaining, I started looking into more. I found iDownloadBlog's Let's Talk iOS and Let's Talk Jailbreak. I found those interesting and entertaining, especially around the time the iPhone 6 came out as I wanted to hear their opinions.

Somewhere around here, I got the podcasting app Overcast for iOS. I paid to get the full version of it ($6 or something), but I haven't regretted that one bit. I love this podcast player. It's UI is simple and gets to the point, and it has unique features like Smart Speed and Voice EQ Boost. I have both of those enabled (Smart Speed removes silences which is pretty neat to save time.) It's made by Marco Arment, an independent developer, and I love supporting those guys.

Anyway, with Overcast I found alot more podcasts that I wanted to listen to, thanks to it great "Discovery" section. I'm currently subscribed to a ton, of podcasts and I will cover my favorites at the end of this post.

Having Time For Podcasts

The downside of podcasts, is that you can't really listen to them whenever you want. Well, I guess you could, but I can't recommend it. For example, if I'm writing something (like this) or if I did something in school I couldn't listen to them. Not even on the bus ride I took to school back and forth was a suitable place for them, as I couldn't turn off my ears and fall asleep (with Music this is alot easier, you don't pay as much attention to music). The only place podcasts really fit into my life, is during monotonous workdays or when I'm out walking the dog. Because of that, between October 2014 and June 2015 I had a long hiatus of podcasts. I listened to some occasionally (if I was out walking dog for example), but it wasn't often. I listened to maybe 3 episodes during this whole period.

Now, with a monotonous summer job I have all the time in the world for them, so all is good.

My favorites

So now I'm gonna list my favorite podcasts, and describe them a bit. Keep in mind, I am into Apple (the company) so quite a few of them usually have something to do with Apple, whether its Apple News or Apple Development.

Looking forward to Monday, so I can get to work and listen to more podcasts.