A little on keyboards

Sun 01 Feb 2015, 00:00

I'm just gonna come out here and say that I am extremely crazy when it's about keyboards. I buy keyboards, I break keyboards, I sell keyboards and then regret it and buy them back, I order keycaps, I order accessories to them, I end up regretting that, bla bla bla... Basically, I can't make up my freaking mind.

Back in the days, times were simpler. Atleast when I was younger. I didn't care about the technical specifications of a keyboard, if it looked nice and I could afford it: I wanted it! Obviously, when I was a little kid and started out with computers I didn't know what I liked about keyboards or not. I just used whatever we had. I used a grey/beige/white/old one, I used a black one, I used one with blue LEDs.

I think the first keyboard I bought myself was some random noname, imported from china for cheap, and sold for small profit. It was like 50 SEK (rougly $5), black, cheap rubber domes, and worked great!

Then a friend had a Logitech Ultra-X flat, I thought it was awesome. So I found one at a retail store, and I bought it.

And then I used a bunch of random keyboards here and there. If I saw one that looked cool and was cheap I generally got it if I had money (keep in mind that this is around 2005-2010, i was 9-14 years old).

There were some generic $15 Logitech keyboards here, my brothers Saitek eclipse (?) keyboard, that had blue LEDs and was really plastic and cool.

Let's say that at this point, I had spent 500 SEK on keyboards.

Sadly, all of these keyboards were more or less broken by me. I can admit that I tend to rage in video games quite a bit (nowadays I can usaully prevent myself from breaking things, but back then I was stupid, and still am for raging at a video game that is meant to be fun). The Saitek one I smashed and broke in half when playing CODMW2 (great game!), the other ones I just generally smashed, my Logitech Ultra-X I was gonna remove a key from because I accidentally kept hitting it, but once I did that I realized I couldn't get it back in so I considered it broken and threw it away.

One christmas, I think 2011, I wished for a Microsoft Sidewinder x4 Alt text

I got it, and it was great! Absolutely the best rubber dome keyboard I have ever used. I actually had 0 complaints about it when I had it. Then I traded it for my first smart phone, and I went back to some random white keyboard with PS/2 connector we had lying around.

At this point, I can't really remember what keyboards I used. I think I had some half-broken Logitech keyboards lying around so I think I used them (when I got tired of the white PS/2 one).

Then, I decide to buy my most expensive keyboard yet, a wired Apple one. alt text I can't remember why I wanted it. This was my first Apple product in fact, and at the time I don't think I was a big fan of them. I wanna say that I was talking to maxx on #zelda irc, about development, and for some reason, presumably I, wanted to know what keyboard he had so he said he had this one. And for some reason I got it. And it was great, I genuinely liked it. So that's another 500 SEK.

At this point in time, the popularity of mechanical keyboards really started to accelerate, atleast I wanna remember so. Prior to this I don't think I had ever heard the term. I'm sure I had seen pictures of one, but I thought it was just some random old one that the person didn't wanna throw away.

Summer of 2012, I get a Mac Mini, my first mac (I need to write a blog post about this, because it changed me and really shows how fucked up I am), and I realized I needed 2 setups: 2 monitors, 2 keyboards, 2 mice, 2 mousepad. I had all of those things, except a keyboard. I needed a keyboard for my gaming PC (using a Apple Keyboard with an Apple Computer seemed appropriate).

So I find out about Das Keyboard. It was mechanical, it seemed great, it seemed like it was perfect, I heard about Cherry MX Blue switches making clicks which I thought was cool and a great idea, so I bought one, from getdigital in Germany, for roughly 1400 SEK including shipping. Damn.

Somewhere around here, I stopped using my gaming PC. I can't remember why (I think it was something with like HTPC, fuck PC gaming, file server or something), so my only computer setup was with my Mac Mini. So naturally I wanted to use my Das Keyboard with it. Coincidentally, my friend needed a keyboard and he liked the Apple Keyboard, so I sold it to him for 300 SEK. Fuck.

So at this point I had used the Das Keyboard for a couple of months. It was loud, it was big, the black glossy plastic body really showed the dust, and I realized I didn't like it. But I kept on using it, because I was high on that "I bought this, it was really expensive, I must use it"-feeling (same with my Mac Mini). And the most important thing, I was kind of slow with it. I think the best I got with it on typeracer was around 135 WPM, but with my Apple Keyboard I had gotten 157 WPM.

So I got a horrible feeling. I had spent so much money on this thing that I didn't like, and I didn't wanna sell it either because I live in the middle of nowhere, so I would have to ship it, and I didn't have the box so it would be just a hazzle. And since I had sold my Apple Keyboard, I would have to get a new keyboard. So I stayed with the Das Keyboard for another year.

Winter 2013, I ordered a new Apple Keyboard for myself (500 SEK again). I hope you can see now how fucked up I am, can't you? I buy a keyboard, sell it, and buy it again. Keep that on your mind. Anyway, I loved it. It was quiet, it was tiny, it was sexy (Apple products are sexy for the most part if you ask me), it felt cool to use, and I liked it.

And then I read something like "Why you need a mechanical keyboard" in my RSS feeds, and OCD struck me again. As soon as I got home, I unplugged my Apple Keyboard and plugged in my Das Keyboard. Fucking trainwreck, I hate myself. And this wasn't like even 6 months or anything, I think I used my 2nd Apple Keyboard for like 3 weeks before I used my Das again.

So, summer 2014. I work alot, earn alot of money, I get interested in PC gaming, especially osu!, and I buy a Macbook Air. I start out playing osu! on my MBA, and it's fine, u know, as fine as it could be. I had to bootcamp into Windows, the computer got hot as hell, the fans were screaming, I would get occasional frame drops while streaming it, and I hated myself again. I had bought a 8500 SEK portable laptop, to play osu! on, atleast it seemed like at the time.

So I rush out and buy a R9 280 (graphics card), and a Corsair k65 (keyboard) for my gaming PC, and I start gaming on that again, and I haven't played anything on MBA since. Great.

So since I had this new Corsair k65 keyboard, I thought everything was great! It was relatively quiet, it had a aluminium body so it didn't show dust, it had red switches which was great for osu, and I liked it! So I sold my Das Keyboard to my cousin, for 500 SEK I think, which was a steal for him, and I was happy.

And then I wasn't. I realized that I was a bad typer on the Red switches. My fingers accidentally slid over the keys when I was typing, making me do errors, so I realized I hate the Red switches, and this keyboard, and I wanted my Das back. So, guess what I did?



I traded it back! My cousin got my brand new K65, and I took back my old, dusty, crappy, Das Keyboard back. So my cousin had gotten a K65 for 500 SEK, and I had just spent like 395 (the K65 was 895) to get my Das back. I am such a fucking idiot.

So, I quickly realize, again, that I hate how loud the Blue switches are, so, I buy a pack of O-rings for it, for about 200 SEK. I quickly realize that these are shit and makes it feel like a rubber dome keyboard, so that was another 200 SEK down the drain.

Then I look at my keyboard, and think that the all black layout is so boring, so I buy some white keycaps, which are really boring and nothing special at all, for 250 SEK (I'm still using them, but I could live without them).

So, now we are in the present. All this text, in this post, is written with my Apple Keyboard.

Now, where do I go from here? I prefer my Apple Keyboard, in pretty much every way. But as soon as I hear someone mention "mechanical keyboard", I am triggered. Like today I was playing GTA SA with my Apple Keyboard, having a great time, and then in this podcast I'm listening to, I hear this guy typing on a mechanical keyboard and going like "yeah I bought a new keyboard", and he proceeds to tell about how happy he is with his loud mechanical keyboard with clicky switches.

So I hook up my Das again, and play with that for a while. Then my brother complains about how loud it is, and I agree with it, I can barely hear my podcast with me tapping SPACE on it (you tap SPACE to run in GTA SA), so I hook my Apple Keyboard back to it.

So why don't I only use my Apple keyboard? Well because I am sooner or later gonna hear about how great Mechanical keyboards are again, so I will wanna use it. The only way for me to prevent this would be if I muted all instances of the words "cherry", "mechanical", etc (you get it) but that's not gonna work, especially not if they're mentioned in podcasts.

And what do I end up with? Well... this: im a fucking idiot

You see, on my MBA, the keyboard is stuck there. I can't change it. I LOVE THAT. There is no choice to make, you just accept the way it is and like it, and I don't really like it (some buttons feel squishy), but for the most part it's fine. But I don't have to care about it, because there is nothing I can do about it.

A store in Sweden is having a sale on Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth 2014, which uses Razer's custom switches (essentially theyre MX Browns), but I did not buy it, as I need to cool off with buying keyboards. Even though it was like on 40% discount, it's still alot of money for a product that I already have two of, even great ones in theory.

Now, I could spend time here writing about what kind of keyboard I would want, and what would be optimal for me, but whatever the fuck I end up getting I'm not gonna be happy with it, so I'm not gonna waste time on doing it.

Good night, self-angry DJS going to bed.