iPhone 6 Plus - Then and Now

Tue 02 Dec 2014, 00:00

The Time

So I got it at the very end of September (29th or 30th I believe), and it is now the 2nd december. That means that I've used it for a good solid 2 months now. In that time I have used my phone more or less everyday, some days I have even used it for like a solid 12 hours or something.

I believe I have done everything there is to be done with it (except Apple Pay because Sweden is slow), and I think I have discovered everything I really don't like about it.

So let's go through my old initial impressions post and compare them.

Then and now: The Good things

The Size

Every review said it was so big. It was so so big. While I wanted an iPad, I didn't want a huge phone so I took quite the gamble going for a phablet without trying one first. But im happy I did. I think its pretty good in size in fact. I don't know if it's because I have big hands or what (I wouldn't say that I have). Wonder if it could be some difference where the average American reviewer have smaller hands than Europeans?

I say this phone is usable one-handed, and also a great size for watching movies and such. It's phabulous.

I am still happy with the size. For the most part, having a big phone is nice. For one thing, my typing speeds have increased dramatically. It doesn't feel big anymore. Everyone else say it's real big though, like today I had a math test and my teacher took the phone from me: "oh my god it's so big" (yeah perverts).

One-handed usability is mixed... Taking out the phone and reading a SMS and writing a short reply back: sure! Writing a long reply with one hand: yeah maybe you should use two hands. You could do it one handed but it's just so inconvenient for the most part.

Walking around and checking twitter is easy though. Not a problem there, very one-handed friendly in that aspect ;)

The Slippery

Every review I read said this phone is very slippery to hold in your hands. So I almost ordered a expensive case for it, and now I got the phone and... I'm not sure if I'm gonna get a case or not. I don't find the phone slippery at all.

The only reason I would get a case would be for protecting the camera sticking out.

I have still not dropped it. I got 3 cases for it: offical Apple Leather case, a yellow cheap bumper, and a translucent cheap case.

The apple leather case was my first one, and yeah it felt premium, but it removed the "clickyness" in the buttons, so I don't really like it. Nice way to waste $30 or whatever.

The bumper was pretty nice, but discolored quickly and the volume buttons fell off of it.

I'm currently rocking the translucent case, and it's my favorite. It keeps the beauty of the phone, and the phone still feels slick and, most importantly, the camera doesn't stick out. The only downside is that it feels really glossy on the back, like a Samsung. And I hate that feel, I'm kind of used to it now though.

Somedays I go without a case too, definetely 100x more scary, but damn it's a sexy phone (really happy I went for Space Gray)

The Box

The box the phone came in is one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen. It's so cool. I love it. I even had to post it to my personal Instagram.

No comment.

The Camera

It's good. I'm not a professional photographer so I don't know what makes a camera good or bad but as a guy who just wants to take photos I think the photos look terrific. The 240 fps video recording is really cool too.

I'm not a big photographer, but from the photos I have taken, I am super happy with the camera. I have probably taken less than 100 photos to be honest. Probably over 100 screenshots though :P

The Back

On photos the back with its antenna stripes looks really bad. In person? Not bad at all.

It's a sexy phone. I still think the 4/4S looks better though. Black iPhone 5 and Gold 5S is up there too. But yeah, the antenna stripes don't matter.

The M8 co-processor

Having a stepcounter built in is really cool, and motivates me. I like it.

I'll be honest. The first days I had the phone I deliberately went out for walking as much as I could to fill it up. Now I don't. And I still havent reached 10k steps a day (on the other hand, my lowest step count is around 250). I still check it daily though, and it's fun to see. No complaints really. I wish the data stayed through restores/backups.

The Battery

I got the phone at around 77%, and it's now down to 8%. Might sound like alot for less than 6 hours, but keep in mind that I've shot tons of photos and 240 fps videos, I've downloaded probably around 10GB's worth of apps, I've synced my 12800 emails to it, and I just generally have been using it all the time.

I think the battery is great, and hell I even thought the iPhone 4S battery was great, so I think this battery might end up being a little too great for me."

Yeah, it's still great. I am never in a hurry to charge it. Generally, every night before I start sleeping and I plug in my phone it's at ~45%. We've had crappy signal reception up here though recently so it's been draining battery, but yea, no problem. Great battery.

The TouchID

... is convenient. And it works great. Probably 33/35 times it has worked first try and really fast, no problems.

Yeah that number still holds up. Probably at round 1000-2000 now though. But yeah, it works. In general it always works. Maybe 5 times a week it fucks up.

The Quality

After reading and watching this #bendgate stuff I was worried this phone would'nt feel premium or high quality.

But damn, it feels really solid and premium when you hold it. The weight makes it feel extra good. It's hard to describe.

Well, after 2 months, after sleeping on the phone and wearing kind of tight jeans on mondays (freshly washed stretch jeans), the phone is still not bent. I check if it's bent daily though, because I wanna see what causes it if it happens, but yeah, haven't happened yet. You don't have to worry about #bendgate.

Then and now: The bad things

The outdated apps

This isn't really the phones fault, and not really developers fault either. It's more like Apple's fault for not revealing screen sizes earlier so developers could get to work earlier.

And the outdated apps look really ugly. They are huge and the text is huge, and it just looks silly. Really hope Tweetbot, Reeder and Spotify will be updated soon.

For those who don't know: the 5/5S ran at 1136x640 resolution. The 6 Plus runs at 1920x1080. To make older apps work on the newer devices, they are scaled up. You can just imagine that. It looks super awkward.

Most apps are updated now. Except Snapchat and Spotify. Like seriously, what the hell are you guys doing? (Spotify's iOS app is terrible though so I'm not surprised (actually it's pretty good nowadays, better than the Desktop client in some ways)).

The apps that are updated look amazing though, like Fantastical and Reeder, holy shit.

So this isn't a problem anymore. Very few apps that I use daily aren't updated.

The vibrator

It's loud. Really loud. I don't know if mine is defective or something, but it doesn't sound right. It's not terrible either, it's just that it's loud.

I recorded a sample of it here so you can hear for yourself.

It's still as loud. But I have gotten over it, so it's not a problem.

The Software

... has some glitches. Control Center isn't working from lock screen and iOS sometimes gets stuck in landscape mode. Really weird, but it's all software related as pressing the Lock button fixes both.

I seriously feel like Apple has dropped in quality recently. Maybe they took too much water over their heads? Previous years they've only had 1 new device to optimize for. Now there are 2 devices, and they added a ton of new API's which just brings out more bugs here and there.

I can't say I'm that happy with iOS 8 so far. Mostly it works the same, but it has it flaws. iOS 7.1.x was really solid, I can't remember anything I didn't like about it.

iOS 8.1.1, as of this moment, is still terrible. I still have that Lock Screen-Control Center bug. I don't use a third-party keyboard yet either.

For the most part it works good, but it does weird shit sometimes.

It's worth noting that I was jailbroken for a while, but I removed that after a week or so. You know that "fuck customization"-personality of mine (read about it in a previous blog post of mine).

Also, I wish more apps could use landscape mode. I kind of like using this phone in landscape mode but then I open Twitter and I need to rotate it anyway. I think it has a lot of potential.

So yes, still a problem for now. I have high hopes though.

I do have to give props to iOS 8 though, and OSX Yosemite, for its Handoff/SMS Relay stuff. It's really neat to do all my phone calling and green bubble SMS'ing through my Mac if I'm on it. No need to take phone out of pocket! This isn't a 6/6 Plus exclusive thing though, so I can't really credit this particular device for it.

The Camera Sticking Out

I'm not sure I will ever be able to accept this. I really don't see why they could'nt have made the phone as thick as before, and just added a even bigger battery? It's really fucking stupid.

On the other hand, the phone doesn't wobble as much as I thought it would while lying on a flat surface."

I still think this is a gigantic fuck up from Apple. With a case it's not a problem, but without a case I refuse to put my phone down on a table. If it didn't stick out I would go caseless.


So yeah, that's all the "then and nows".

I would like to write a final verdict now, but I can't really do it. I have so many feels about it so I don't know how to write 'em down. I guess, if you want a huge phone and you like iOS, then go for it. If you have an 5 or 5S and maybe an iPad you don't really need one in my opinion. I can give a better verdict later on, but not now.