I broke out of jail... again

Fri 31 Oct 2014, 00:00

Around April or May 2014 I restored to iOS 7.1 and I was in jail again. Then Pangu released an jailbreak for 7.1 and so I broke out of jail. But then the plot twist: I deliberately turned myself back into jail and I stayed in jail until now.

I enjoyed the life inside jail. There were little to no choices to make, the screen was always bright and you knew what to expect because the environment was so controlled and strict.

But then the hype got real. Pangu released a jailbreak tool that installed OpenSSH, with some side effects and Saurik shortly after released a iOS 8-compatible Cydia, with side effects. And today pretty much all of these side effects were cured and all seemed good.

So I went for it and broke out of jail again, on my new iPhone 6 Plus. And it's great, right now atleast.

The breaking out

The process went smoothly and took about an hour. I hooked up my phone to my computer and made a backup in iTunes, including apps. This took the longest time. Then I restored the phone to have a clean iOS version ready to go. then I put the backup back in and disabled passcode and find my iPhone. At this point I opened up the Pangu tool and jailbroke it. Also went by smoothly. Once that was done I opened the Pangu app and installed OpenSSH and then I transferred and installed Cydia, and boom: done.

All and all, it was a smooth jailbreak experience. The installing Cydia part is kind of satisfying. It's basic ssh stuff, but it's fun.

The aftermath

Pretty much immediately after the install completed I went out for a walk with the dog, and that was when I discovered: my steps in Pedometer++ and Health.app had disappeared ;( Not a huge deal, but annoying (app idea: place where you upload your daily steps to, real basic). And I'm pretty sure this isn't the jailbreaks fault. The M8's data probably doesn't get backed up.

A issue I ran into was when I was gonna sync music to my iPhone: it couldn't be done! It was like if someone had put write protection on the music folder: new songs couldn't be added and old songs couldn't be removed. Another issue was with iCloud backup: it refused to backup. It just kept asking for my password.

Luckily, rebooting my device twice fixed both of them and it seems to be solid now.

This post

What's special about this post is that I am writing this on my phone, in Byword, with f.lux enabled, and it's wonderful. Activator is wonderful too. I'm doing three finger pinches and spreads to do the multitasking (like on an iPad) and it's great.

So yeah. I am on jailbroken iOS again. Will I stay for long? I don't know. I'm not 100% sold on jailbreaking because it's not a permanent thing and if Apple releases an new iOS version that I want I am going to have to sit tight. But Saurik is awesome, the /r/jailbreak community is awesome, f.lux is awesome. Jailbreaking is awesome... for a while atleast.

Now let's see if I can export this to my website from my phone. If you are reading this I probably succeeded.