Converse Review

Wed 17 Sep 2014, 00:00

Had these shoes for about a week now, so I think I can do a proper review.



They are really comfy. Possibly the most comfy shoes I've ever worn. But, they are annoying to tie and take off, as you need to loosen up alot of the laces. The white color might become a problem later on as they get dirty. Winter is coming (not here yet), so I haven't tried them in cold temperatues (-30 C). Might update this post with information about that when I have tried.

Price was okay, I got a student discount too.


Overall, I really like these shoes. Only thing I miss from my old big, heavy, DC Skate Shoes is the fact that I only tied those once a year. I always just slided my foot in and out. With these I have to spend a few extra seconds to get them on and off.

Pros: - Comfy

Cons: - Annoying to get off - Annoying to put on - Shoe laces sucks