Most other blogs have an about page so I have one too, but I'm not really sure what to put here...

The term blog is a term that I do not like. In Swedish it's called blogg, and a blogg is usually something that teenagers in Sweden write in daily to document their lives, how they got their nails done, what's troubling them in school, like a journal, or just extended length Facebook or Twitter posts nowadays (Twitter is pretty dead around here though...)

In a way that applies to me as I mainly tweet, but sometimes I have too much to say so it makes more sense to write a blog post about it. Or I just wanna pretend to be formal and do a blog post about a particular subject.
So maybe this is a blogg afterall.

This site is mostly developed and "designed" on a Mac with a Retina display, so it probably doesn't look as good on a Windows PC (because lack of fonts), and it probably isn't very pretty on a non-Retina screen. But I think it looks pretty good. I have viewed it on my 27" 2560x1440 IPS display on my PC and it looks alright I think.

I prefer it on my Macbook with Retina Display though, but just use whatever you have. Looks great on iPad and iPhone too. Actually, viewing this site on a 4" iPhone might be my favorite, it looks very cute.

I guess I can put some links to places you can find me right here, just to fill it out. Did you know that if one of these pages don't have enough text it won't look like the footer is stuck at the bottom? You can see this phenomenon if you look at one of my shorter posts and have a tall enough screen.

Maybe someday you'll check back in here and I'll have more to say?

Running on lambblog

Last update of this page: 7 May 2017 (or maybe more recent and I forgot to update)