My iPhone's very unique camera lens

16 Apr 2014 00:00


I bought my iPhone 5 from a friend after he dropped it on the floor, and the screen stopped working. Mad as he was, he threw the phone against the floor another couple 100 times. Not a problem for him anyway, as he went home and ordered the very recently released 5S, and I decided to buy the 5 from him, as I got it for a very good price. The phone looked like this before I had it repaired: pic.

Anyway, during these 100 throws, the camera lens on (mine now) iPhone 5 got a few damages it seems and they are kind of interesting to me.

Here is a photo I took of a white, blank paper with flash on: Photo

See those purple spots? They are kind of scary, I don't really know what they are? Cracked sapphire glass (or whatever the lens is made out of)?
Wow (personally I find this artifact very creepy and beautiful)

And then there are also black spots all over, which is kinda hard to get a picture of. Just try to look at the photo and you will see that its unusually dark/black in some spots.

Doesn't this annoy you?

No, it doesn't. I think about it, but I still keep on taking photos and don't care about it. Usually you can't even notice it, unless you know its there, for example: 1, 2, 3, 4

So yeah. Kind of a random subject to write about, but I felt like doing it for fun (I find writing these things fun, as its fun to use my script to publish them.